Legally Maximizing Your Disability Check  - Lesson 2

"How Work Incentive Programs Could
Easily Pay You Hundreds Of Extra
Dollars Per Month!!!"

(Lesson 2 - The Ticket to Work Program)

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    Below is the 2nd set of important highlights from the interview.  (For the first set, click here).

Jim Troxel:    Well, the Ticket To Work Program includes a number of new program features, a number of new kinds of benefits that definitely give people a foot up. There are also a number of work incentives that have been around for many years that, through the Ticket To Work Program, we're trying to encourage people to take advantage of these because they've been under utilized, even though they've been available. 

The way that people can learn about these programs using workWORLD is by entering their current situation data into the software and then the software because of their current situation profile will recognize that they may be eligible for one of these work incentives and will inform people of that. 

So, someone might say;

"Yes, I am working.  I am working at such and such an earnings level every month.  I am receiving Social Security benefits"

The question would then come up; "do you have any impairment related to work incentive?"

If the individual say yes, and then the software will say "are you claiming any of these work expenses in the work incentive work impairment related matters?"

If the person says no, the software will generate a text output that advises them, how much of their impairment related incentive they could claim under one of these earning impairment related work expense programs. 

So the software will recognize possibilities for people to use work incentives and tell them about that. 

And then, they can click directly from the software text output into our health system and it'll explain the parameters of that policy and the procedures for making application and other kinds of details that someone would need to move forward with that recommendation. 

They can also model that possibility in their next situation column.  So someone could say; oh, okay I could put $180 per month into an impairment related work expense.  I'll do that in the next column and see what the impact of that decision would have on my income, on my eligibility for benefits, etc. 

 Brian Therrien:    So…

 Jim Troxel:    workWORLD informs people of the possibilities.

 Brian Therrien:    So, what I'm hearing is there is a variety of little secret under utilized programs out there. That a lot of people could qualify for, but they don't know about them.  With workWORLD, it's going to spot these automatically for them.  It could be something as simple as normal expenses that they are paying out of the pocket, could be now a tax deduction.  Is that what I'm hearing?

 Jim Troxel:    They could be not considered, they could be not considered as income, for example, certain things could be disallowed or disregarded when the consideration of countable income is made on an eligibility determination.  It could be any variety of different things that will make it possible for people to continue to improve their earnings, improve their work experience without jeopardizing essential benefits.

 Brian Therrien:    Wow! 

 Jim Troxel:    Many of them aren't well known or well understood and generally, aren't used in large numbers as work incentive.

 Brian Therrien:    That's probably hundreds of dollars a month, right?

 Jim Troxel:    Easily.

 Brian Therrien:    Wow.  Great.  Thanks for sharing that with us.

In the next lesson, Jim highlights the reasons why so many people's disability checks are just plain wrong (and how you can correct it!)

     The Work World Program is comprehensive, step by step software you run on your computer to (a) determine EXACTLY how much you're entitled to given your specific disability and life situation (make sure your check is right); (b)  see how your benefits might change as you go back to work or acquire other sources of income; (c) do scenario planning to make sure that when you're ready to transition OFF of disability, you'll know exactly what might happen to your benefits; (d) make sure your check is right (and correct it if it's wrong!)

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Brian Therrien
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