Get ALL The Benefits You're Entitled To And Find Out How To Supplement Your Income Without Reducing Your Monthly Check!!

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If you're fed up with trying to survive on a measly disability allowance..


If you're wondering if SSDI is giving you all you're entitled to ...

And especially if you're afraid to get a job or supplement your income because you think SSDI is going to reduce your current benefit level ...

Then you DEFINITELY need to listen to this critical interview with Jim Troxell from the Employment Support Institute (ESI) at Virginia Commonwealth University.

ESI's expert team has extensive experience helping people with disabilities get all the benefits they're entitled to without affecting their current check.(Jim and the ESI team also help identify employment and work incentive opportunities).

Literally thousands of people on disability live a nightmare, ... scared to make a move, ... trying desperately to survive on their SSDI allowance despite the fact that ..

  • New program rules can increase the value of people's benefits (but don't count on the government to make sure you know
  • Most people on disability CAN earn around $810 a month in 2016 WITHOUT reducing or losing their benefits (To get the very figures go to )

So if you are interested in squeezing every last penny out of your benefits and making
sure you don't get the shaft from SSDI... listen to Part One of the interview right now! :-)

Get the information you need to start taking control of your life and
your future by listening to this FREE interview now!


Brian Therrien

What is Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA)

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