Blast Through The Social Security Disability Brick Wall! (Audio 2) 

 January 2, 2008

By  Brian


Because many run into brick walls during the Social Security Disability approval process and some have even died waiting for approval I’ve produced a series of interviews with ultra-experienced disability representatives to help you blast through the disability brick wall.

Interview 1 was released 12-22-07 and below is part 2 of the get orientated with The Social Security Disability System with Jonathan Ginsberg. If you missed part one its right here check it out first because listening to the interviews in order will walk you through exactly what to do and say to maximize your chances of winning!

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Helping You Win Disability Income!

Brian Therrien

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My name is Brian Therrien, and I'm a professional researcher. So when a number of my friends went through unexpected downturns in their life and required disability assistance, I left no stone unturned to try and help them. At first, I was concerned with how to qualify for disability, ... but as I learned more about the system, I realized that people also really needed help with getting approved, maximizing their benefits, and most importantly, supplementing their income without losing their benefits when they were ready to transition back to the work force. That's why when you subscribe to my FREE disability newsletter you'll get concrete help with ALL the issues you'll encounter in the disability system

Brian Therrien

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