Because SSDI applicants have died waiting, some get disabilty benefits approved in just 11 days! 

 December 26, 2007

By  Brian

Unfortunately, many social security disability applicants die while waiting to get approved… no joke…I’m dead serious. As a matter of fact the Social Security Administration (SSA) admits this on their web site and it’s the number two reason members unsubscribe from my mailing list…..

SSA is sensitive to this and has taken steps to address the delay by implementing a new predictive model called QDD that analyzes specific elements of your application with the goal of identifying if you are disabled and if your claim has a high potential of being approved!

The SSA guru’s are optimistic because many have their benefits quickly approved in a few as 11 days.

Now before you get overly optimistic I encourage you to understand that although a lightning fast approval is possible only about three percent of all new cases are being identified as QDD cases. My hunch is that the QDD is looking for cases that meet one of the Social Security Listing which are the slam dunk cases like stage 4 cancer or those in a coma that should be approved right away.

This is good news but be careful because even if you meet a listing your application must clearly communicate how your conditions limit your ability to do any job in the United Sates economic system so the QDD can pick your case out of the pile of 2.6 million annual applicants. Read more about the QDD here!

Helping you win!

Brian Therrien
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My name is Brian Therrien, and I'm a professional researcher. So when a number of my friends went through unexpected downturns in their life and required disability assistance, I left no stone unturned to try and help them. At first, I was concerned with how to qualify for disability, ... but as I learned more about the system, I realized that people also really needed help with getting approved, maximizing their benefits, and most importantly, supplementing their income without losing their benefits when they were ready to transition back to the work force. That's why when you subscribe to my FREE disability newsletter you'll get concrete help with ALL the issues you'll encounter in the disability system

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