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     Do the following scenarios describe a situation you could find yourself in? 

Have you…

paid even one dollar into a long term disability insurance policy

think you may need to file a short or long term disability claim

have already filed an insurance claim for short or long term disability

had your long term disability claim denied in the last 6 years? 

If so, then I have some
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As you may already know, getting insurance companies to pay individual disability claims has become a HUGE problem. It's now being viewed by some as a consumer insurance epidemic! 

I've put together a FREE course to help you collect all your long term disability insurance benefits or recover benefits you've been denied.

The course includes a 71 minute interview with a Benefits Recovery Specialist and nine videos that will teach you everything you need to know but don't know to ask!

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Brian Therrien 

p.s. there's growing circumstantial evidence that insurance providers like these below are doing all they can do to avoid paying your claim.  

UNUMProvident, Unum Life, Aetna, Fortis, Standard, Prudential, Hartford, Cigna, CNA Liberty Mutual, The Guardian Unum Provident, Paul Revere, Reliance, Metlife

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