Learn How To Collect All Your Long Term Insurance Benefits or Recover Benefits You've Been Denied!

As you may already know, getting insurance companies to pay individual disability claims has become a HUGE problem. It's now being viewed by some as a consumer insurance epidemic! 

There's even growing circumstantial evidence that insurance providers like these below are doing all they can to avoid paying your claim.  
UNUMProvident, Unum Life, Aetna, Fortis, Standard, Prudential, Hartford , Cigna, CNAl  Liberty Mutual, The Guardian, Unuml Provident, Paul Revere, Reliance, Metlife

                  How To Get What You Deserve!

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If you've paid even One Dollar into a disability insurance policy to a company like these, or maybe you have been denied benefits…

…then this course could be worth Thousands Of Dollars to you!

I have worked with industry leaders to put together this FREE “How to Collect All Your Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits or Recover Benefits You've Been Denied” course.

The course includes a 71-minute interview that answers everything you need to know but don't know to ask...

…and includes nine videos that cover:

      Myths of LTD policies

      What's your date of disability

      Medical records make a BIG difference

      Who decides that you’re disabled

      Understanding your policy

      When to and how to file and avoid being mislead

      Who to tell what

      Why LTD companies complain about paying for conditions like CFS, Lupus, Fibromyalgia

      When to leave work

      Taxes and your benefits

      How to find and hire an appropriate attorney 

Here are just a few of the dirty tricks I've uncovered that you will learn how to avoid...

 Complicated policy language

- The insurance companies have a "good old boy" network of doctors that do your "independent insurance examination" in favor of the insurance company...reporting only what the insurance company wants to hear... 

- they even factor into the policy price their belief that you will not dispute a denied claim because you’re sick and emotionally distraught. 

It’s enough to get your BLOOD BOILING!  But there's good news…

You'll learn the in’s and out's of the system and tips to protect yourself...












Brian Therrien