How To Prepare your Disability Application while working ...

Discover! Five Easy Disability Preparation Steps To Help You Blast Though The Disability Brick Wall!

These Simple Steps Will Help You Avoid 
Months Of Delays In Getting Disability Income!


If you are working and contemplating filing for Social Security Disability, I applaud you for your forward thinking because getting approved for disability is not easy and a critical component to getting approved is proper preparation.  

Here are six critical preparation steps you can take right now while you are working that will help your application stand out from the 2.6 million other applicants.

Disability preparation steps!

1. Get Orientated With The Disability System Review the (F.R.E.E) SSDI mini course that is being emailed to you and learn ... Who qualifies? What conditions and problems count as valid disabilities? Who decides? How do you apply? How do you get the disability forms you need? Why can it take so long to get approved? Do you need an attorney? Can you supplement your income and keep your benefits? 

2. Organize And Get Doctors Support Learn how Jonathan Ginsberg's Disability Answer Guide can help you easily get the proper medical support from your doctor and complete ANY APPLICATION FORM accurately to help prevent your case from becoming another disability statistic without spending a fortune!" 

3. Keep A Diary Take some time for yourself and write down how your condition limits you on a daily basis. Have this journal available to you at all times so that if you experience a difficulty during the day, you can make a note of it. It really is important that you begin this journal BEFORE you apply for Social Security Disability or SSI benefits. If you are reading this after you already applied, then start now. 

4. Avoid filing while working If you completely stop before you file for disability, it will increase your chances of winning.

Check out this video that further explains working and applying:

5. Maximize Your Chances For Winning! Book mark the web site below and before you file complete the steps on this page to maximize your chances for winning,  

Last is my disclaimer .... I'm not a doctor or a lawyer and there's no charge for these very same tips that have helped thousands just like you win their disability income...

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Thanks so very much for putting your faith in us. We won't let you down!


Brian Therrien

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"Just received those magic words"

Dear Brian Therrien,

I just received those magic words today. She said she
was from Social Security and she ask me to verify
a couple of things on my application. Then she said
she was calling me to tell me that my Claim was approved.

I have been reading some of your e-mails and listening
to the recorded calls and learned the main thing is
give them everything you can, be straight about why
you can no longer function, and then back it up
with dates, Dr's, medical records, tests, days missed
work, how many times and etc. SS. loves lots of paperwork,
especially if it help them to see your problems and
why you can no longer work.
Brian Thanks if you did not have that message in there
I may still be waiting. Brian tell your people give
Social Security more then what's needed and be sure
to keep copies, I had to answer some of their question
three times! 


Concord, CA
"Disability Interview was outstanding"


Your interview about Social Security Disability
was outstanding.
It provided me with the
information I needed to obtaining my disability,

Jim Gleason, 
Saratoga Springs,NY

"Thanks For Helping Me Get Family & Friends To
Understand That It's Not In My Head"


I liked how you broke down fibro it helps me to explain
it better to my family and friends. I do get ssi but I
got it for depression not for my fibro. and I suffer
from all the things you listed and more. thank you for
believing in fibro and helping people like me to make
others believe in fibro.

I have had fibro since I was fifteen and was always
told the pain is in my head not my body.

Cynthia Stamp
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




"Tips got me approved in four months"

The tips for what to say and not to along with all the info. really helped avoid some of the pitfalls and avoid some fatal errors while applying for disability.

The videos gave me some insight as to what to expect. Thanks, I was able to get approved in four months and without an attorney, being told at least one to two years!

Dale Kirkpatrick
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Psychosociologist Helped Several Get Approved in Months"


I assist patients in filing for SSDI benefits. 

The info is very helpful. Several patients have recently been approved in 2 months.

Dr. Judy R. McClary
Chesapeake, Virginia 

"Disability approved in 2 months"


This knowledge helped me get my disability in 2 months,

Darlene Wick 
Bancroft, WV

Approved on the first try...! 

Hi Brian,
Just wanted to let you know that I received "The" envelope from Social Security today. It took me three hours to get up the courage to open it. I was a very happy person when I did. 

My disability has been approved on the first try!! I'm absolutely 100% sure that the only reason I was approved on the first try was because of you and the disability digest. 

The information and contacts you supplied me with helped me gather all of the necessary reports and medical records I would need prove my case. 

The Disability Digest played a major roll in my getting approved so quickly and I really do appreciate you keeping me in the loop and recording the calls for me. 

Thanks again for all your help,

Darla Scott
New Hampshire


"You Are My Earthy Guardian Angel"


Thank you so very much for your phone message and e-mail follow up. I Truly appreciate your expedient response assistance to my situation. This has Been the best information that I've received since I lost my job. Bless you. 

God bless,
Tessie - California

My claim has been approved

From start to finish I was waiting for my denial letter before contacting you - but, much to my amazement, my claim has been approved - much is due to the info. you provided. 

You provided a road map of what questions to expect and how to respond. Your info. was concise, accurate and FREE, no hidden fees and the program gives a sense of empowerment


Binghamton, NY

Approved - first try

Hi Brian, 

I was approved on the first try using some  information from your e-mails. Your right about how they don't care about what your disability is, but how it stops you from working ANY kind of job. 

Mark H.
Sacramento CA
P.S. Did not need a lawyer

"Proved I'm disabled"


I have spent most of my life in health care and I still found the information helpful in getting my benefits. 

I proved in the second round that I was permanently disabled at 45 years old. 

Dan Cassidy - 
Canyon Lake, California

"got my disability
on the First Try"


Just wanted you to know i got my disability the first time, thanks for all your support, 

Thanks again, 

Terry Germ
p.s. please keep the emails coming,