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"Approved On The First Try!!",  "Information Is Beneficial For Disability Recipients",  "Thanks For The New, Helpful Attorney Firm",  "Please Please, Continue to Send Info",  "You Are My Earthy Guardian Angel",  "Approved On the First Try" ,  "I Strongly Recommend The Lessons",  "Email and Conference Call are Very Helpful ",   "I Got My Disability The First Time, Thanks",   "You Have Helped Me Greatly",   "Declared Permanently Disabled at Age 45",  "My Claim Has Been Approved, I thank you",   "Educated and Prepared Me",  "Approved In Two Months",   "Helped Several Get Approved In Two Months",  "Interview About Social Security is Outstanding",   "You Provide A Tremendous Service",   "Little You Can Do To Improve",   "Just Received Those Magic Words THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!",   "There's Light At The End of The Tunnel!!",  "I Had No Idea How To Obtain Disability"

Dear Friend:

     Learn How Disability Digest Members Have Applied The Information and changed their lives. 

"Approved In Just Seven Months"


I wanted to write and let you know that I got approved for Disability Benefits on12/20/2010. Seven months after applying.

I want to personally Thank You. I never could have done this without you.

Your web-site gave me just enough information to understand that how one phrases ones own personal answer is sometimes key to an overworked system that only has time to view and then move on.

That same system could have easily said no to my exact diagnosis's if delivered to them differently.

Thank you so much for all that you have given to understanding such a complicated system.


Sheila Eakle
Dayton Ohio   


"I literally cried when I received my award letter"


Your web site helped me obtain my Social Security disability on my first attempt in 2008! I listened to a webinar featuring Jonathan Ginsberg, an
attorney in Atlanta, GA. I ordered his book & CD from him and followed his advice. It cost me about $100, but I saved so much more in time and

I literally cried when I received my award letter from SS saying I was approved. Thank you so much for providing the information you do on your site and all for FREE! It really is a wonderful service. I'm still working on my LTD with my last employer, but I am hopeful we can get that worked out before the time limit is up. I thank God for directing me to
your site and you for all your help!

[Franklin, TN]


"Fortunate To Have Found The Disability Digest"

After I got denied I did not know where to go who to turn to.... Then I met you and Karl took your advise ran with it and got approved..


Mary Young
Bernville PA   


"Approved on the First try!  It pays to be diligent, organized and assertive"


Thank you Brian for a very informative webinar. I did have some questions before it started and fortunately they were answered before it ended. I found the websites that you brought to my attention to be very helpful as well.

I started the Social Security Disability process by myself in September 2009, after being out of work (originally due to job related injury in January 2009) since May 2009. Workers comp. claim ended in March, my Short Term Disability was running out and the Family Medical Leave was only paying me a small portion of what I was accustomed to earning. My savings was being depleted rapidly and the doctor bills mounting. I really felt desperate. Not knowing where to start, I found your site and started reading. It sounded almost impossible to follow all the suggestions that everyone was making.

I just did my best to be upfront with doctors, very clear about what I needed and requested copies of EVERY SINGLE LAB, XRAY, OFFICE VISIT, DIAGNOSIS, EXPECTED DURATION OF ILLNESS AND EXPECTED RETURN TO WORK DATE. Well by the time I filed for Social Security Disability, went to Social Services for food stamps and medicaid, I was exhausted, frustrated and felt hopeless.

The day after the webinar, I received a favorable disability decision in the mail. I was approved for disability on the first try. It paid to be diligent, organized and assertive.

I always brought all my documents with me for interviews. kept everything I got from doctors. made sure I faxed everything over to my Short Term Disability ins. carrier ASAP so as to not hold up my money or claim.

I hope my little story is helpful to someone who my be thinking of giving up hope or just starting the process. Your webinar will help me down the road now with living on Social Security Disability income. 

Thanks again,
Kay McCotter
Raleigh North Carolina  


"Disability Approved For Fibromyalgia
and Chronic Back Pain

Listen and learn how Pamela Berry used The Social Security Disability Mini Course and a recommended disability representative to get her case approved in just 10 months.

Pamela Berry
Mauldin, South Carolina


"Approved On The First Try"

Hi Brian,
Just wanted to let you know that I received "The" envelope from Social Security today. It took me three hours to get up the courage to open it. I was a very happy person when I did. 

My disability has been approved on the first try!!!!!! I am absolutely 100% sure that the only reason I was approved on the first try was because of you and the disability digest. 

The information and contacts you supplied me with helped me gather all of the necessary reports and medical records I would need prove my case. 

The Disability Digest played a major roll in my getting approved so quickly and I really do appreciate you keeping me in the loop and recording the calls for me. 

Thanks again for all your help,

Darla Scott


"You Are My Earthy Guardian Angel"


Yesterday morning, I was feeling so low. I sat at my kitchen table and read the Bible. I asked God to give me a sign for His love and His Will for my
future. These past weeks, I've constantly prayed asking for our loving  Father to help me put my faith and trust in Him. I had been taught to "Ask God to help me trust Him even when He allows suffering in my life". 

I was crying. All of a sudden, I went to my lap-top on the counter and signed on to the internet. In the web search box I typed "How to qualify for disability"...and there you were! 

You are my earthly Guardian Angel. Yes, the Lord uses others to fulfill His Will. I thanked and praised God for His guidance and His Will for me. 
Brian, I will update you about my Social Security claim. 

Thank you so very much for your phone message and e-mail follow up. I Truly appreciate your expedient response/assistance to my situation. This has 
Been the best information that I've received since I lost my job. Bless you. 

God bless,
Tessie - California


"Did Everything You Recommended 
 SSDI approved in 4 months Thanks"

Dear Mr. Therrien:

I signed up for your program and then later joined as an affiliate not long after I became too sick to work in October of 2007.  I filed for disability and geared up for the fight of my life.

I hired Allsup Inc. as my representation and soon found that they were nothing more than a "monitoring service" or "go between" and would take no action to actually help me win my case.  I knew this because I was reading your email, researching and learning from the information you sent me. 

I eventually terminated my relationship with Allsup Inc. and took matters into my own hands, ensuring that I did everything you recommended that be done in order to win my case.  As of last week, I received notification that my application for SSDI was approved!  (The same day you had your last conference call, and that is why I missed it!  LOL!)  

Anyway, thanks to your help, I was approved in 4 months!  I just wanted to let you know that your efforts are appreciated very much. 

Tammy Elaine McPherson
The Ultimate Fibromyalgia Resource Center


"Please Please, Continue to Send Info"

Thank You for the information that you have sent to me thus far. Please, please continue sending info and informing me of any an all information that relates to all disabled Human People like myself of hidden information/benefits on being disabled. 

God knows that I need all the help that I can get and deserve the right to be just as happy as any other. 


Michael D. Stewart





"Thanks For The New, Helpful Attorney Firm"


I got the courage to apply for an attorney through your series, and compared the firm that called with the one I had been attempting to contact (rude, they were), and changed attorneys. Thank you very much for that assistance. 

The new firm you provided not only attempts to help me, but will actually call back within ten minutes of the time I call them. I am definitely impressed!

Thanks for the new, helpful attorney firm!!

Gresham, Oregon


"Followed your direction to the letter - received my lump sum of $28K!"


I applied for SSDI late August of 2009 and yesterday, January 5, 2010 I received my lump sum of $28K!   

Thank you for all your help.  I followed your direction to the letter.

45 year old female.  Approved for fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, obesity and diabetes.


"Your emails got me off my ass to seek the benefits I'm entitled to"

Hi Brian,

I have been reading the emails you send. I used to follow the links and listen to the audio lessons as well. I quit following the links after I applied
for disability but I have saved every one of your emails in case I needed to go back and do it over again. 

I had been procrastinating applying for disability because I know how hard it is to get approved. Listening to your audio lessons made me realize that 
a denial of my claim would only be a reflection of how well I had detailed and documented my case.

I was awarded disability last July and they even back dated it a year for me. I found all of the people at Social Security and the people at DSHS
to be courteous and helpful and completely professional. 

Your emails were the catalyst for me to get off my ass and seek out the benefits to which I am entitled.

Anyway, to wrap this up, let me say that without the guidance that I received from the emails you have sent me I don't believe that I would have even bothered to apply for social security disability much less gotten approved the first time I applied. 

Thank You,
Jim Smith
Forks, WA.

P.S. Thank you doesn't seem like enough is there some way to compensate you for the inspirational emails you have so graciously sent since last 


"Information Is Beneficial For Disability Recipients"


The information that is sent is quite beneficial. I have been on disability since (officially) 1998. It has been very difficult for quite a long time because up here in Show Low the information for disability recipients is practically nothing.

Thank you very much.

Show Low


"Approved On The First Try!!"

Hi Brian, 

I was approved on the first try using some  information from your e-mails. Your right about how they don't care about what your disability is, but how it stops you from working ANY kind of job. 

Mark H.
Sacramento CA
P.S. Did not need a lawyer



"I Had No Idea How To Obtain Disability"


Before I found the news letter I had no idea how
to go about finding information on obtaining disability.

You gave me different websites to look at and also other sources like when or when not to obtain a lawyer.

This has been helpful,

Margie Neely 
South Bend Indiana


"There's  Light At The End of The Tunnel!!"


Your emails have been quite helpful. Actually, you were my last hope and it now seems like there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Thank you!

Lew DeMatthews
Brielle, NJ 


"Just Received Those Magic Words

Dear Brian Therrien,

I just received those magic words today. She said she was from Social Security and she ask me to verify a couple of things on my application. Then she said she was calling me to tell me that my claim was approved.

I have been reading some of your e-mails and listening to the recorded calls and learned the main thing is give them everything you can, be straight about why you can no longer function, and then back it up with dates, Dr's, medical records, tests, days missed work, how many times and etc. SS. loves lots of paperwork, especially if it help them to see your problems and why you can no longer work.
Brian Thanks if you did not have that message in there I may still be waiting. Brian tell your people give Social Security more then what's needed and be sure to keep copies, I had to answer some of their question three times! 


Concord, CA 


"Little You Can Do To Improve"


I learned the most from your lesson about getting the Dr. to think in terms of completing his report in a way that explains ones inability to work, as opposed to explaining ones medical condition. 

There is little you can do improve your service

Thanks Brian. 
Bob; Nassau, NY


"You Provide A Tremendous Service"


I wish I'd had this info when I first applied...it would have saved me a lot of trouble as I ended up retaining an attorney and actually going before a Disability Judge before I was approved. Took about 6 years, too!!

What has been most helpful and informative for me is the info you supplied on housing and the links to others such as the Centers for Independent Living. 

You provide a tremendous service to us all.

Joan Kimble 
Newnan, Georgia 


"Had I not used the information I would probably be filling out the appeal forms right now "

Dear Brian,

 I purchased Dr Ginsberg's book. At the time I felt it was a little steep, but if it was going to help me, all the better. I followed what he said in trying to fill out the forms. I did have a free consultation with a lawyer who told me to begin filling out the forms and send them in. 

The one thing he did tell me to do was to always use your last day of work as the day you became disabled. I did not "hire" him to fill out my forms or to represent me in any way. After about six months I did contact him to see if there was anything I should do since I hadn't heard anything from Social Security. He never returned my phone call. I was so sure I was going to be denied I printed copies of appeal forms. Two days after calling the lawyer I received notice from Social Security that I had been approved on my first try. 

So, was Dr Ginsberg's book expensive? Yes. Was it worth i ? Yes. Had I not read his book, I probably would not have answered the questions as he suggests. Being a medical person, I probably would have answered them with more medical terminology than how this disability actually affected my daily life. So, I have to say Thank You to Dr Ginsberg and you for providing access to this book. Had I not used the information I would probably be filling out the appeal forms right now.

Lois Gahan-Gootz
Tucson AZ


"Interview About Social Security Was Outstanding"


Your interview about Social Security Disability was outstanding. It provided me with the information I needed to obtaining my disability,

Jim Gleason, 
Saratoga Springs,NY


"Helped Several Get Approved In Two Months"


I am a Psychosociologist and I assist patients in filing for SSDI benefits. The info is very helpful. Several patients have recently been approved in 2 months.

Dr. Judy R. McClary
140 Thrasher Road
Chesapeake, Virginia 23320


"Approved In Two Months"


This knowledge helped me get my disability in 2 months,

Darlene Wick 
Bancroft, Wv


"DISABILITY ANSWER GUIDE got my case approved in JUST 4 months and 9 days"

Mr. Therrien,
I just wanted to tell you about my Wife’s disability case. Well, she was approved on Monday, October 06, 2008.   She applied on Wednesday, May 28, 2008.   That will be a total of four months and nine days.   Mr. Therrien, there is no way that she and I could have (WON) our case without the DISABILITY ANSWER GUIDE. She received all of her back pay, and now she will be getting a thousand dollars a month.

I am really surprise that you are selling the guide so low. Shame on people for bitching about the price. Again, If it had not been for your DISABILITY ANSWER GUIDE, there is no way that she and I would have won our case. Before my Wife applied for disability, she was told by several people that it was going to take at least two years, and that was with an attorney. Well, they were wrong.

Again, she and I would like to say thank you so much!!!!!!

The Williams Family
North Carolina


"Educated and Prepared Me"


Learning the ins and outs of both the SSDI and LTD application and claims processes through your website have helped me prepare myself factually and psychologically for the road ahead. Using the advice of your guest speakers, I have worked with my doctor, my accountant, and a number of advocacy groups to assist me with my transition from work to
rehabilitation and back to work again.

Keith Okazaki, 
Honolulu, Hawaii.


"My Claim Has Been Approved"

From start to finish....I was waiting for my denial letter before contacting you - but, much to my amazement, my claim has been approved - much is due to the information you provided. 

You provided a roadmap of what questions to expect and how to respond. Your information was concise, accurate and FREE - no hidden fees and the program gives a sense of empowerment! 


Binghamton, New York 


"Declared Permanently Disabled at Age 45"


I have spent most of my life in health care and I still found the information helpful in getting my benefits. 

I proved in the second round that I was permanently disabled at 45 years old. 

Dan Cassidy - 
Canyon Lake, California



"You Have Helped Me Greatly"


I really liked the way you outlined the process and what is needed before tackling what is a difficult thing. You have helped me greatly by giving me more information about applying and what to expect. Keep on helping other confused and disgruntled individuals.

Thank You.

Neil Patton Young 
Austin, Texas


"I Got My Disability The First Time, Thanks"


Just wanted you to know i got my disability the first time, thanks for all your support, 

Thanks again, 

Terry Germ
p.s. please keep the emails coming, 


"Email and Conference Call are Very Helpful "


A lot of your emails and conference calls have been very helpful, not just to me but I consistently help others as well. Especially on the information of how to apply correctly for Social Security Disability
and not to give up continue to appeal with Social Security.
Kirkland, Washington


"I Strongly Recommend The Lessons"


I stumbled upon your website by accident and started researching what I needed to start the disability process.  I found it easy to understand.

I was contacted within 24 hours and Susan was attentive to my needs and easy to talk to.  She reaffirmed my need for filing and gave me honest answers to my questions. She also offered information for disability lawyers should I choose to go in that direction.

I learned the steps and requirements of filing.  Having a nursing background gave me an advantage as to how specific Social Security can be in explaining a person's disability.  I was able to familiarize myself to the forms and their questions.  

The Mine Course lessons on your site gave me information and the determination I needed to go ahead with filing.  Your site offers lectures from lawyers and a Disability Answer Guide for a nominal fee, one of which I should say is very reasonable.

For anyone else, I strongly recommend access to all the lessons on The Disability Digest whether you are doing the filing yourself or using a legal service.  The information obtained is invaluable and may just make the difference of being rejected or approved.

Thank you for providing this wonderful access into the maze of disability information.  Without it, I would probably be still struggling. thinking there was no alternative and my situation would be hopeless. Instead, I have taken back the power of doing something about the situation I am in and trying to make it better.
With the information I have learned, in time, maybe I can be of service to others in similar circumstances.

My deepest appreciation for offering The Disability Digest to anyone inquiring about disability.



"Approved in about 6 Weeks"

Hi Brian,

Just wanted to tell you that my disability was approved in about six weeks.

I have two career-ending conditions that came to light just this year after I was hospitalized with two bouts of pneumonia.  I have pulmonary hypertension and peripheral neuropathy.  As a nurse I cannot work with either condition especially since the job requires standing (can’t do with peripheral neuropathy) and being around anything that could result in trauma or infectious agents affecting the central line IV that is going directly into my heart as treatment for the pulmonary hypertension.

Aside from having a Social Security agent who was really helpful in framing the application, I sent my medical summary from the Mayo Clinic.  It was very detailed and included my conditions and limitations.  My story may not be typical but I learned from your course and greatly benefited from the information.  Thanks for everything.

Nancy Gaunt
Deltona, Florida


"Your Information Has Helped Me Survive"


These emails are so helpful, I am really struggling financially and your information is helping me find resources that I had no idea I was entitled to. Today I forwarded your email to a wonderful friend of mine who just had his leg amputated. He is new at this and I know your help will be so appreciated and necessary to him. I was terminally ill for four years and your information has helped me survive. It has given me hope and the overall feeling, that someone out there really cares. I cannot thank you enough. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   


"God Bless Your Nobel Efforts"


I read all e-mails that you send, they are each extremely helpful to me, I have turned my case over to a attorney after going thru several appeals ect but all of your information is still golden and I hope you will keep up the good work in keeping us abreast of all of the many aspects of getting thru a maze of Governmentally contrived pure BULL crap that's sole purpose is to keep the disabled completely baffled and stunned by the whole mass of purely none sense procedures in order to keep them from receiving any compensation. 

God Bless Your Nobel efforts! 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


"Won For Fibromyalgia Without An Attorney"

Mr. Therrien.

I had applied for disability on May 27, 2008, and in Nov. 2008, I began to receive my disability check.

I have Fibromyalgia(chronic pain), RA, diabetes, IBS, a bone craft in my foot which did not take very well and depression. My husband & I  did not have an attorney, we went by the Disability digest and researched the internet from the disability digest. 

My sister is on disability too however, it took her nearly 3 years and she had an attorney. Wow! So is this not a proven fact that The Disability Digest is very HELPFUL


Angelia Williams
Gastonia, NC
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"I Have a check comming in now"

After the 2nd try I was eligible for SS Disability. And I have a check coming in once a month now. It helps with the budget,

Debra Parden
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"Helped Me Tremendously To Prepare"

Aloah Brian,

Thanks for the content and conference calls on
Long Term Social Security Disability Insurance

They have helped me tremendously to prepare
for disability



"Lead Me In The Right Direction"

Dennis Helped me with directions where to go and what to for SSDI disability,

Thanks Mike
Michael Colburn
New Jersey
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,


""I Would Not Have Been Approved Without
The Information Your Provided

My hands are killing me but in short even with my extensive experience in the health care field I would not have been approved on my second appeal without the information you provided to me and with no attorney.

I was approved for my full SS and Medicare. I am not doing great, I could not make it through most days without serious pain meds and I have several surgery's to look forward to, but it has enabled me to watch my daughter graduate college that I paid for and go on to get her PHD without worrying to much about her dad. 

Daniel  Cassidy
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"My SSD has been approved, thank you Brian"
( 5 months no attorney)

Hi Brian,
Just wanted to thanks for all the helpful information.  It helped me tremendously.
I applied for Social Security Disability back in January 2008 for the very first time.  Yesterday, Monday June 23rd, I received my award letter... I was approved, without hiring an attorney. I was hesitant about filing because I was discouraged by all the information I read about most people being denied the first time.  

After I read through the info you had been sending, I filed.  I had an hour long phone interview in February.  They had me see one of their doctors in May, and got the approval letter in June.  My benefits are effective as of January 2007 because I was found disabled under their rules as of March 2006 due Lupus SLE.
I am so grateful for the information that you put together.  Once again, thank you very much.
Dorothea McClinton
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"Approved For Disability In Just 2 Months!"


Dear Mr. Therrien,

I ordered Jonathan Ginsberg's "Disability Answer Guide" from your website, including the bound workbook copy, since I wanted the written pages/examples to study carefully for myself.  I read it several times before even beginning my disability paperwork. (I would never even consider doing a phone interview because I wanted to carefully think through each answer before putting it on paper.)


Using Mr. Ginsberg's excellent advice, I can tell you that I am completely shocked and totally happy that two months since my interview at the SSA office, I received my approval letter in the mail!  I took Mr. Ginsberg's advice:  lined up a list of all my doctors, phoned their offices that they would be receiving a request from SSA for records, and made sure that they were going to be cooperative with my efforts.

 I have a number of different illnesses, several in different categories which met the disability guidelines, so I asked my doctors to be very specific in their reports to emphasize that.  I did not stick to one area only though, I included all of

my different illnesses, since they combine to really create a total package to

show that I am truly unable to work.


 I left a job that I loved and had been at for over 10 years, and I was so distraught when I left.  When SSA called my employer, he was even truthful and said that he felt I had deteriorated in my abilities to do the job adequately.  In other words, I had my ducks in a row, and I owe much of it to Mr. Ginsberg's excellent advice and also my diligence in doing everything that needed to be done.  I filled out the paperwork, let it sit overnight, reread it to make sure I had not left anything out before sending it. I was prompt in all correspondence, and believe me, I had plenty of documentation to back up everything I said.


This was my first time applying for disability because I held out working for as long as I could possibly do it, since I loved my job so much.  I am sad that I can no longer work, but I know it was the right decision, and with your help and Mr. Ginsberg's book, which was well worth the $125 (I highly recommend the bound book to go along with the CD), I am amazed that my application literally flew through the system in two months time.


Thank you so much for your good advice.  I did not use an attorney, since it was an initial application, and my doctors were very supportive.  Also, even though I had several mental disorder claims involved, I was not sent for a mental status exam, most likely because my doctor is one of the listed qualified examiners that SSA uses.  Whatever, the reason, I am very satisfied, and am thankful for the advice that I got from the Disability Digest and Mr.Ginsberg's book "The Disability Answer Guide." 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Brenda Puckette

Milton Florida


Ps Let me add one last word of advice to others...and I can't stress it enough...be brutally honest about how you are really doing, and be VERY SPECIFIC in describing the nature of your pain or symptoms.  Mr. Ginsberg's book was extremely helpful in this regard, and I don't think I would have understood what SSA was actually looking for without his advice in this area. 

In other words, SSA does not really care how sick you are, they are only

interested in your ability to do some kind of gainful employment.  Never lose

sight of that criteria.  That's the best advice I could give anyone.



" Awesome News!"

Hi Brian:
I have some awesome news for you,, I had my hearing on the 22nd of September. the judge did a bench decision,, which was favorable!!!

The best advise I can to anybody the applies for social security is do medical record overload!! I gave the judge no choice but to do an bench w/a favorable decision!!

Bob Drinkman
New Richmond Wisconsin


"Mike's Was Added To The Disability Victory List In Just 6 Months!"

I can now be added to the Victory Dance.  I used  the recommended strategy from The Disability Digest and it took just over 6 months. My case is similar to a previous post.

I had been looking at and trying to find information for several years, but because of the confusing information, never acted on it. The Disability Digest has been an invaluable asset to my case. Thank you for this valuable asset to the workers of this country.

I also want to comment on the Zoneo24, which you recently recommended on the website. I have spent years ordering ointments and creams to relieve pain. I ordered the zoneo24 to try. Both my wife and me are very impressed with it.  I also want to say that they are wonderful people to work with.

Mike Sickenger
Farmington, New Mexico


"followed what you had to say, got it on the first attempt yipeee!"

I love you Brian, you have been a tremendous help to me. I followed what you had to say, I attended one of your phone conference's & worded my disability case accordingly to the lingo that the soc sec admin wants to read & hear. I got it on the first attempt yipeee! 

When I received the phone call on the 27th of last month from a local agent, I praised God then myself 4 times and cried tears of joy my friend. 

Brian we did it!! We did it!! Yes!! 

Thank you Father God in Heaven for blessing me exceedingly & abundantly, amen.

I look forward to hearing from you Brian.

Sincerely, David E. Gomez.
Modesto California


"did not have an attorney, went by the Disability Digest and Won!"

Mr. Therrien

I had applied for disability on May 27, 2008, and in Nov. 2008, I began to receive my disability check.

I have Fibromyalgia (chronic pain), RA, diabetes, IBS, a bone craft in my foot which did not take very well and depression. My husband & I did not have an attorney, we went by the Disability digest and researched the internet from the disability digest. My sister is on disability too however, it took her nearly 3 years and she had an attorney. Wow! So is this not a proven fact that The Disability Digest is very HELPFUL


Angelia Williams
Gastonia, NC


"37 Year Old Male Customer Service Specialist Approved On The First Try 
In Just 4 months!!"

Listen to this interview with Chris Richard and learn.

> if it's not in writing it has not happened.
> how often to keep in touch.
> why send all communication in writing via 
certified mail.
> why keep copies of everything.
> how getting a cane prescribed helped his application.
> the Social Security Disability lingo. 

Chris Richards 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"It took me longer to prepare my case than to be approved!"

Dear Brian,

I think the subject line says it all!

I only used the educational information and advice from "The Disability Digest" and Jonathan Ginsberg's book Disability Answer Guide.

My sister and advocate, Kathleen and I, spent 5 full months of doing extensive research, emails, long distance phone calls, requests for medical records, 100's of photocopies and several in-person planning strategy meetings

On Monday, September 28, 2009 at 10:30 a.m.:
Kathleen and I submitted my application for Social Security Disability Benefits. This is day 0.

On Friday, November 6, 2009 at 5:11 p.m.:
I received a message from the Social Security Administration. The message said the medical examiners in Columbus, OH gave me a medical approval. They agreed I am disabled. 

THE APPROVAL DECISION TOOK ONLY 29 DAYS. (Counting working days only) Social Security offices are not open on weekends. 

Thank you, so very much for putting all of this information together. 

Robin Gill
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"Social Security Disability Claim Approved!"


My wife Lori is receiving your newsletter at my e-mail address. I found your website and looked at the lessons and made a decision to utilize the services of a social security representative The Disability Digest recommended. 

Lori applied for her benefits in July 2009 after having been disabled since February 2008. We received notice today that she was qualified to receive SSDI starting August 2008 and will receive her back benefits and current benefit by Friday of this week. 

No denial and appeals required. Granted, she may have gotten the same decision had she applied on her own, but then we will never know the answer to that. When we set out to apply we decided doing it right the first time was worth the investment of up to 25% of her back payments that we had already lived without. 

It is great to have this decided right the first time around.  We can certainly attest to the fact that doing it right the first time makes a lot of sense and saved us the agony of going through hearings to argue the specifics. It it helped to have a well known representative on the application it was well worth it.

Thanks for everything.
Mike McLean
Missoula Montana
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"had I not had the doctors submit the RFC forms, at your suggestion, I would have had to wait for a court date"


I would like to thank you for the information that you have shared regarding Social Security Disability. 

I filed in June of 2009, and was initially denied. I was able to have my doctors submit the RFC forms a couple of months ago. This info was forwarded to SSDI by my attorney and yesterday I received the letter of "Favorable". I am thinking that had I not had the doctors submit the RFC forms, at your suggestion, I would have had to wait for a court date later next year. 

Had I not received the letter of favorable, my next step, at your suggestion, was to contact my congressman. I do appreciate all I received from you. I will now be able to help/share with someone else. 

Now I can concentrate on earning a little extra money without my monthly SSDI being affected.


Karol Ford


"I got approved in only 6 months" 

So Brian, I need to give a great big thank you to you and to the Ginsberg Disability Guide. I called you in a huge panic one day to find out how to get the guide as quickly as possible back in January because disability was pushing for more information and wanted it asap. 

I started the process of applying back in November of 2009 and just got approved today, May 5, 2010. I only heard really horrible stories about how difficult it was to navigate through the process and that it would probably take 18 mos. to 2 years to get approved. Well, I just wanted to let you know that with the disability digest, you and the Ginsberg guide that I was able to do it in about 6 months!

Jennie Cooper
New Hampshire

Thanks so very much for putting your faith in me to help you win your Disability Income!


Brian Therrien

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