"These Nine Highly Effective Tips Will Help You Survive The Wait Until You Get Your First Disability Check"


    Welcome to lesson 10, How To Survive The Wait.            

You may find that you are like a lot of others who are disabled and are still working full-time, because surviving the wait is difficult.

Although there's no magic pill to address the ridiculous timeframe, we have uncovered tips for a short-term strategy that will help you through until you win.

Tips from others who have survived the wait!


1. Win Your Case Quickly
Avoid the mistakes that cause delays and maximize your chances of winning in the shortest amount of time by taking all the lessons and interviewing attorneys.


2. Group Disability Insurance
If you have been employed prior to filing, make certain you investigate your company’s short-term and long-term insurance policies...


Often, long-term disability policies through work can be a big help in bridging the gap until you win your SSDI case.


3. State Disability
A few states, including California, Hawaii, Rhode Island, New Jersey and New York, offer state disability.


If you don't have private or employer-provided disability insurance benefits, you may be covered by your state's program.  


Find out if you have been paying into your state's disability insurance program through automatic payroll deductions if you elected it instead of (or in addition to) the disability insurance benefits offered by your employer.


Typically, state disability insurance benefits are administered by the same agency that administers unemployment insurance (or a division of the same). In fact, you might be covered by state disability insurance even if you are unemployed when your disability starts. To find out if your state offers such a program (and vocational rehabilitation too), start by contacting your state's unemployment office.

4. Back Benefits and Loans

I'm sure this is a scary thought, but keep in mind that if you have assets you can leverage while waiting, you can pay back the loan with the back benefit check you receive.  

Members have been able to remove money from a 401(k) plan subject to a 10% penalty if you are under 59 1/2. This strategy may also work for a company’s pension plan. Please note these are ideas that have worked for others; it is always advisable to consult a tax professional about your individual needs.

The very general rule on your retroactive benefits (back benefits) 
is that you accumulate back benefits from the time you became disabled until you win your case...  

So, it is common for members to accumulate and receive a significant check that can pay back their loan.
5. Reduce Your Expenses

6. Housing
A. Learn from members Brenda and Linda in Part 5 of this teleconference how declaring bankruptcy or getting assistance from HUD saved their homes and helped them survive until they were approved for disability.
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B. Rent or sell your home, move in with family or friends, live in an RV, or house sit.

C.  Leverage your home: If you have equity in your home, borrow an amount to get you through.

7. Barter 
Example: To save money on food, volunteer at a store, garden, can for others, or shop for others.

8. Reduce (or Eliminate) Your Medical Expenses 
Discover if you can get low cost (even no cost) prescriptions and treatments so you don't have to pay for them out of pocket.
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9. Working While Qualifying
Although Social Security (SSA) allows you to apply for disability if your monthly earnings are less than $1,000.00, even representatives have a difficult time getting these approved.  The main reason for this is SSA can argue that if you can work part-time, you may be able to work full-time at some job. 

Therefore, my advice is not to work and concentrate on winning your case ASAP.  Then, you can keep your benefits when you resume working part-time once you are approved.   For many, it’s financially beneficial to win quickly rather than to work, get denied, and have it take years to get approved.

You may find it comforting to know that once you are approved for SSDI benefits, you can earn money and keep your benefits.  I will be teaching you all about this in future lessons. 

For now, you can start educating yourself about ALL your possible post-approval career paths to make plans for crafting the next phase of your life. 

On the website below you will find a collection of reliable income opportunities.



Brian Therrien
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