Lesson 8
Learn The Advantages Of Using A Social
Security Disability Representative To Help You Win Your Disability Claim!
(Audio interview with former Social Security employee tells all about representative and how to use one to press your case)


Barbara Mountain has spent a large part of her career working for a long term disability insurance carrier and started her career working for the Social Security Administration.

These career experiences have provided her with a unique opportunity to look at thousands of Social Security Disability claims and see what the advantages of using a representative are. 

This interview reveals, from her a non-representative point of view, 10 things you must know about using a Social Security representative to determine if representation would be advantageous for you, including:

Why 78% of applications get denied and how to avoid them,
What vocabulary to include to get your application to fly through,
Types of representatives,
What a representative should be doing to get you approved,
What obligation you have when using a representative,
How a representative increases your odds of getting approved,
If you have applied and are waiting for a decision, can a rep help,
Why it is critical to file correctly the first time,
How to maximize the amount of back pay SSA owes you, 
Do you need a local representative,
The most important representation selection criteria, 
How to establish a communication expectation plan,
What you can expect to pay for a representative,
The value of interviewing a representative about your case,
What you really need to prove to get your case approved, And

How an on-the-record decision can get you approved faster. 

Top Reasons For Using An Representative To Press Your Case
1.  Been denied benefits already, you have to appeal in court and want help preparing the case for the judge.

2.  Overwhelmed with the paperwork and would prefer to have to assistance to make certain the paperwork is filled out correct and all necessary medical information is included. 

3.  Some feel representative
fee's are nominal compared total cash value and health insurance.
Example A : A 45 years old with a monthly benefit amount of $1,000, doesn't return to work before age 65; The case can easily be worth $250,000!  This amount does not include the value of the Medicare or Medicaid insurance you will be eligible for after being found disabled. 

   As you may know, the price of medical insurance in middle age, with pre-existing medical conditions, can be staggering and not affordable.  This of course assumes that an insurance company is willing to insure you. 

Example B:  If a representative wins your case just 4- 6 months sooner chances are your decision to retain an representative was a good one. 

4. Your chances of winning increase!
Social security reports a 26% better chance of winning with an appeal with an attorney. In my opinion, the reason for this is because the representative have a better understanding of how the Social Security Administration decides your case.
     Statistics showing your increased chances of winning here

5.  Your on medications or have a condition that could effect your
ability to focus and stay on top of your case progress.

6.  You want to avoid becoming more disabled due to the stressed caused by the filing process, 

representative's are masters at rolling back the onset date of your disability so you get a larger back benefit check.  This is because they get paid up to 25% of this amount up to $6000.

8.  Help after you win to make sure that the Social Security Administration correctly calculates your benefits.

9. Saves you countless trips to Social Security

10. Representative's can uncover additional evidence that could be the slight edge for you in winning benefits. 

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    Again if you really want to maximize your chances for winning with or with out and attorney, I encourage you to consider The Disability Answer Guide to help you navigate through the large volume of confusing forms you will soon see.

Thank you for putting your trust in me to help you win your Social Security Disability benefits.  


Brian Therrien
p.s.  Listen to this 2010 audio interview with Barbara Mountain and pick up some addition tips to help press your case