How The Disabled can build a thriving internet business....

"Learn Exactly  How Michelle Toole Turned 5 Hours A Week Into $500.00 A Month!"

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Listen and learn if you could supplement your SSDI benefits with an online internet business.
  You’ll hear the story of how one person with disabilities slowly developed a plan for building her own web site and put her plan into action.  Take a few minutes for yourself and get step by step instructions about how to get started today.   

This could work for you even if you have little computer skills, limited finances and just a few hours a day. 

What You Will Learn 

  How Michelle built a successful online business while on Social Security Disability that ranks in the top 1% of all web site for visitors. 

  Learn Step by Step how Michelle turned 5 hours a week into $500.00 + plus per month.

  What are the requirements for you to build a successful on- line business? What is needed in terms of time, skills, money, and equipment? 

  Learn brainstorming techniques the big corporations use to generate creative ideas and turn your passion into a profit.

  Hear a real example of how to turn a product or service concept into a profitable online business.

  Get realistic earnings expectations about building and maintaining a profitable online business.

  Where to find and how to use FREE research tools to refine your product concept and maximize your chances of success. 

  Find out exactly what it costs to run a web site.

  Discover three methods of getting visitors to your web site at no cost to you.  

   Learn the top three reasons why web sites lose money.

  How much money you can make and keep your SSDI benefits.

  How to start your web site with no money down. 

  Learn how these tips can enhance a current web site.

Resources To Get You Started

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A.  Site Build It! and free research tools are here 

B. Link to Healthy Holistic Living