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"Discover How You Could Work From Home 
Helping People Get (and or) Maximize Their Disability Benefits"

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  This is one job where your efforts make a difference.


If you are frustrated with trying to find meaningful work, are fed up with your current employer, are seeking a better quality of life, wish to work from home, or know you are worth more than you are getting paid now. Then joining The Disability Digest team could be the answer to getting that satisfied feeling at the end of the day.

We are seeking individuals join our team to help our member through the challenging Disability process. This work would be in the areas of customer service, administrative support and marketing.

Strong preference for candidates who have a successful track record of working from home, understand a disabled persons needs, are organized, fast, reliable, good learners and work really hard not to make the same mistake twice.

If this sounds like you  this may be the best opportunity you've come across in all of your research!    ​   

Required Skills

1. Rock'em sock'em really Wow me communication skills!
(proven phone sales skills are helpful but not necessary).

2. A computer, internet access, and moderate to good computer skills.

3. Familiarity with using Microsoft Excel spread sheets.

4. At least three years experience in customer service, marketing, sales or a like field.

5. Ability to handle a high volume of e-mail.

7. Available at least 15 hours a week and for a Monday meeting at 7 am Eastern Time USA.

8. Ability to learn, follow and improved procedures.

What you will be doing?

You’ll process emails, run reports, manage individual disability application, follow up phone calls and more.  

​We Provide Everything

You just need a computer and FAST internet.  No experience required, we train you, easy to do. This has been a proven way for remote workers to supplement their income since 2007.​​

How Much Can I Make?

You get paid hourly based on your experience plus bonus and hopefully enjoy your work like my prior assistant who has shared her experience below.

From my prior assistant: Susie Dumlao, Davao City Philippines
Date: Sun, January 21, 2018 10:35 pm

To: Brian Therrien

It was a wonderful 6-year experience with The Disability Digest. Not only did the work help me through with my family but the mere fact that I was making a difference through helping disabled individuals get their Disability benefits. 

It made me appreciate my life more because knowing the unique struggles of each disabled person made me realize that I am privileged to become more of who I am. A simple contribution of my time and energy knowing that I could help someone is very fulfilling. 

As I look back, I can say that it was all worth the time and effort. 

To Sir Brian Therrien, who has been very kind, patient, and understanding, you have a very good heart, and I pray that God will bless you more and your family and guide you as you continue to help disabled individuals. You are the BEST BOSS an employee could have. I have learned so much from you and I thank you for that, you are a fantastic leader. 

To the Advocates that are very hardworking and patient with me, you guys are truly inspiring because you never gave up despite of your health conditions. 

It saddens me to choose a different path for now, but this decision is something that I have learned in the company, and that is, family first, how a support system is very important for someone who is going through something. 

I believe that God has a plan and everything happens for a reason. We may not see it now but we will, in Gods perfect time. 

I wish The Disability Digest more success ahead and cheers for the amazing experience. It’s surely something that I will cherish and can share with my family and with other people.​


I don't believe you will ever run out of work because there's 54 million people affected by a disability in the USA and over 500,000 individuals searching the internet for the information that The Disability Digest offers.     ​

     In conclusion, I'm looking for motivated candidates, forward looking - and - moving with an "Anti-Get-Rich-Quick" mentality. 

     This position is easy work, but there is lots of it.  So, if you have an "ambition" disability, this is not for you. 

     This is an easy job for the right person.  If you feel you’re that person, complete the application below and put your experience to work today!

Regards - Brian Therrien

p.s. This is an ideal position to give you a quality life style while making a difference in people’s lives.  Work that will give you a satisfied feeling at the end of the day.