"Welcome To The Disability Digest Webinar"

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To Get, (and or) Maximize Your Disability Income.
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Our mission is to provide our members with a trusted, easy to use, free resource that helps those on or in need of disability get and or maximize their disability benefits. While creating income opportunities for our members.


Get the latest disability developments, learn how to use your free membership to get, (and or) maximize your disability income, get answers to your questions, discuss what issues or challenges you are facing and how we can help.

We hope this event gives you a clear path to get (and or) maximize your disability benefits.

Here are links to the resouces covered:

  1. 1. Work from home with us

  2. 2. How much you make and keep your benefits
  3. 3. Get Approved for Disability webinar

  4. 4. Sharing Your Representative Experience could earn you a $180.00 Amazon gift card.

    Watch this video: https://youtu.be/Ph27VfDYcc4

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