All About Disabled Grants

There are a lot of myths, scams, and misinformation floating around about grants.  If you search the internet, you will find services that sell grant kits for the disabled to secure monies for housing, starting a business, etc.   I have found these products to be nothing but a scam and do not know of a single sucess story for these. 

Now, there is grant money for housing and jobs, but this is typically allocated to organizations, although some members have been successful in securing money.  Learn more about this option in item B below.     

As a result of the above, I have been very cautions about grants.
That is, until I met Keith Taylor, the president of Modest Needs, because Modest Needs has approved 5,798 grants since 2002.

Modest Needs helps pay for smaller stuff so the bigger stuff doesn't pile up, which is often just enough to prevent someone in need from going into a financial tail-spin and losing everything.

This is a remarkable resource that can help you take care of the smaller stuff and give you peace of mind that the bigger stuff is not going to pile up.  Learn more in option A below.

Disabled Grant Resouces
A. For Needs Less Than $1000 (takes 14 days)

B. How To Find A Grant On Your Own (takes 6-12 months)