Work from home as a Medicare Agent

Medicare Opportunity.
​All About How To Make Money Helping
 Others Maximize Their Medicare !

A - Z interview with industry expert reveals how to make money while making a difference. 

Thank you for your interest in working with us to help our members maximize their medicare.

An estimated 58 % of our 173,043 Disability Digest members are medicare eligible and 35 % we are helping get approved for Social Security Disability will soon be medicare eligible. The has created an opportunity for us to help our members in these situations.
          1. New to Medicare
          2. Annual Medicare Solution Review
          3. Needs Change (doctors and or conditions)
          4. Income Changes
          5. Location Changes
          6. Interested in Extra Benefits
          7. Housing Cost Increase  

We have found that most do not know how to or want to invest the time to find a proper medicare solution.
And because we can do this at no charge, its an easy decision to accept our assistance.

What we do is educate members with lessons, interviews, live online events and provide the opportunity to call or complete an online form to request assistance.  For those that do no respond, we call and follow up.   ​

​Then we provide a free medicare review service that helps members choose the best plan or move to a plan that will provide better coverage for less.  We commonly find a medicare coverage solution that cost the member $0.00 per month and saves an average of $87.00 a month from their prior plan.

We have openings for Medicare advocates and Medicare insurance agents who would have respective roles in helping our members maximize their medicare benefits.

What You Will Be Doing

Medicare advocate either call members to explain what new features are available in their Disability Digest membership and offer a free review or follow up on an interview request from an offer generated from a media piece like these below.

1. ​Medicare made simple 
2. ​Free Medicare review:
3. Medicare made simple interview:
4. Six Ways To Save:
5. Silver Sneakers:
6. Extra benefits:
7. All About Veterans Benefits And Medicare:
8. Medicare Part B Extra Help:​​​
9. Prescription Drug Donut hole

Because our  membership is 100% online or members are used to interacting with us by phone and electronic communication as a result this allows us to conduct our business from the comfort of our own homes.

Medicare Advocate

  • Call the member to explain how to use our membership and the value of a review
  • Answer basic Medicare questions
  • Collect required information for Medicare an agent to review options
  • Schedule interview with Medicare agent
  • Earn commission for calls you make and interviews completed

Insurance Agents

  • Licensed health insurance agents would be sponsored by us.
  • Call members to explain our membership and the value of a review
  • Conducting member interviews scheduled by Medicare advocates
  • Find plan options and subsidies
  • Enrolling members in plans
  • Follow up once at least year
  • Earn a full first year and residual commission on each new Medicare policy

Resources Provided

  • Endless supply of prospects
  • ​Proven what to say and do call process
  • Training and support
  • Phone system, voice mail, texting service
  • Staffing
  • Marketing and customer retention support 
  • ​Year round sales cycle New and SEP

Positions And Commissions

Both positions offer the opportunity to work from home with a flexible schedule as a independent contractor.  If you are a disability recipient you would be able to supplement your income and keep your benefits.  ​  

The ideal advocate candidate would be a licensed insurance agent or have the desire to become an agent within six months. While working as an advocate you would also be studying for you state insurance exam.  This would allow you to have income, gain knowledge and advance into a position where your agent expertise would pay you higher commission.  

 This chart shows just the renewal commission projection based on annual applications over 10 years and a $20 renewal.  


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10






































                              Ideal Candidates Will Have 

1. Rock'em sock'em really Wow me communication skills!. Phone sales skills are helpful but not necessary.

2. Ability to follow directions and learn on your own.

3. Familiarity with using contact software and google docs.

4. Average email skills.

5. Phone​ and internet requirements.

Processor 2.0 GHz Pentium 4 or higher, Memory 4GB system memory. 1GB disk space, OS Mac or Microsoft Windows, 8 or higher Browser Chrome 70.0 or greater, Headset Computer headset (Hard wired - USB) or Desk phone, Internet (Hard wired) minimum 10 mbps up and 10 mbps down

7. Available to work at least four shifts a week. Monday - Saturday.​

If we help just 2 % of our members that would be 3400 applications. If you have just 100 of those you have about $2000 a month in residuals.  Not easy and will require work but is being done right now so its possible.

If you'd like an honest system that works, really makes a difference and can leverage your disability experience, then you are going to love working here at The Disability Digest.   In conclusion, I'm looking for motivated candidates, forward looking - and - moving with an "Anti-Get-Rich-Quick" mentality.

This position is easy work, but there is lots of it.  If you feel you’re that person, complete the application below to learn more and take a step towards putting your experience to work!


This is your chance to supplement your income with a business that has NOTHING to do with network marketing or MLM and has the tax benefits of operating a business from home or anywhere in the world with a simple internet connection!

Now, I know you may be skeptical, but The Disability Digest  have already made a difference for 173,023 members and have a perfect A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Because there are 9 million in the USA collecting disability checks and 2.8 million that apply for every year, and we are the only game in town that does this so the possibilities are HUGE.

I'm looking for some "Anti-Get-Rich-Quick" motivated, forward-looking-and-moving people who don't have an "ambition" disability and are willing to focus on building a business that will generate profits for the rest of their lives.

​If you feel you are a good candidate, complete the application for consideration below and put your experience to work today!​