How Disabled Get A Free Gym Membership

Free Gym Memberships For Disabled In Connecticut ...

"​Learn About A Little Know Medicare Benefit" 

This Interview Below Reveals A Free Service To Help Maximize Your
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Benefits Of A Medicare Review


Free Gym Membership, Vision And Dental

Many Medicare advantage plans offer little know additional free features like a gym membership, vision and dental.  An interview with a medicare agent is a simple FREE way to tap into all features and Maximize your plan.


Low Income Assistance

Many Medicare advantage plans give you extra help through the federal government to lower the cost of Co pay's and prescriptions.  Plus, if you are eligible you can change your plan at anytime and dont have to wait for the annual open enrollment.


Health And Medication Changes

If your condition is more or less severe or if you are taking more, less or different medication.


Medicare Plan Options

Some states have up to 20 different plans that change.  The price goes down or another plan may have changed and is now a better fit for you.  There are even age specific plans.

For example, let's say you could save just $50 a month, that's $600 you should have had in your pocket.   Don't spend money you don't have to.


​Protect Your Benefits

Using The Silver Sneaker Free Gym membership included in most Medicare Advantage plans shows that you are doing the best you can to stay as healthy as possible.

Using your Gym membership does much more that maximize your wellness it also protects your benefits because most Social Security Disability recipients are subject to a review. See your award letter or for details.

Showing that you are making a conscious effort to get treatment and attend the gym for wellness is a big step and solidifying your continued benefits in the event that they are reviewed.

It keeps your medical records current, showing SSA that there are no gaps in treatment makes it difficult for SSA to terminate your benefits. 
In the event that your case does come up for review, you will have the piece of mind that you have done the best you can do to optimize your health while protecting your disability income.


Help Is 100% Free, Saves Time And Money

This is a 100% free service. Medicare agents do not charge you.  They are compensated by the insurance companies they represent. 

There service is like using and online travel service.   Check all the options and chose on if it is a fit for you.

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Many Medicare saving strategies 
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