"Success Stories And Strategies To Help You Cope With Your Disability!

Regardless if your on benefits, trying to get approved
or just thinking about it you will learn valuable tips from these 
real life experiences about how to... cope with disability, win disability benefits fast,  supplement your income. 

Priceless advise for the disability community!

Listen to this Interview with Josh Blue 
( world famous Comedian) and beat the disability blues

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Josh is the a great example of a PWD that has done the best with the hand he has been dealt and persevered through Cerebral Palsy.

Recently Josh won NBC's last comic sanding award, and is a member of the USA Paralympic Soccer Team .. 


> What inspired Josh to get into comedy,
> From whom did he receive encouragement
> What inspired his his disability focused act? 
> Josh's top tips and words of inspiration for those that aspire to do more powerful insights to help all obtain their goals..... 

Josh Blue Post in The Disability Digest Community

Josh Blue Blog Post

Where to see Josh Live

Josh's home page


"Listen To this Interview
With Dr John Tholen And Learn How To Win The Disability Challenge"


I know you'll agree that we really have a special treat when you listen to our interview (or read the transcript) with John Tholen, Ph.D, author of "Winning The Disability Challenge: A Practical  Guide to Successful Living." John has worked with people with disabilities for over twenty-five years and brings a wealth of knowledge to this recorded Interview. 

Since 1982, John's straightforward strategies have helped hundreds of people overcome some of life's daily obstacles and win the  disability challenge. Regardless if you're able bodied, disabled, or somewhere in between, these insights are sure to help you and others around you.

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Listen to the interview and hear timely and uplifting discussions about critical issues you may find yourself faced with daily. 

-> Learn how becoming disabled can't prevent you from achieving fulfilling life experiences, 

-> Discover how affirmations (positive self-talk) can be a source of comfort and get you back on track even on your darkest days, 

-> Get simple manageable methods for improving your health,  managing pain, curing insomnia, and coping with various depressive and distressing symptoms,

-> Hear how to overcome "The Challenge," whatever that may be for you,

-> John's message is that becoming disabled liberates us from a routine and allows us to focus on other goals in our lives, 

-> Discover how "self assertion" helps you gain self respect, 

-> Learn how to make the most of your relationships, 

-> Get two simple tips to help preserve, even enhance, your relationships with others, 

-> Find out the biggest obstacle to conquering disability and how to overcome it,

-> How to overcome irrational discouraging thoughts.

Do something special for yourself and share a few minutes with someone who has spent his entire career helping people from all walks of life overcome their own special challenges. 

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Helping you win the disability challenge!

Brian Therrien


"How to Win & Cope - A Real Disability Success Story"

Listen to this audio interview with Michelle Toole learn how you can apply Michelle's real life experience to...

> Cope with Chronic Illness! 
> Win your disability fast - Michelle won just 6 months at age 34, 
> Build a web site from scratch that will supplement your income, (even if you have zero computer skills) 

and there is much more priceless advise that is revealed in this interview! Click here to listen

Michelle story starts from when she was a vibrant woman of 34 years of age, running marathons and managed a nonprofit community organization. 

Then suddenly became ill and in was in a total state of shock and confused because she did not know what was wrong and was unable to find answers, 

After months of Dr appointments and hours of research Michelle was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome...

There were many months when she barely could lift her head from the pillow and later on she could only get around in a wheel chair. 

But, little by little, with determination, meditation, faith and a lot of inner strength, Michelle has started on the road to health again
and has had some truly admirable accomplishments. 

Michelle shares her story start to finish ... its really the one story you don't want to miss .... check it out here! 

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"Learn How To 
Break Down Barriers, Reduce Limitations And Conquer
Your Most Pressing Concern!

Peg has 23 years of experience improving the life's of people with disabilities I encourage you to listen to this interview and put her experience to work for you. 

You will get solid information to help you, 
> reach your potential 
> balance your disability and health needs;
> increase your independence 
> manage your energy and maximize your efforts 
> make sure your disability does not get in the way of your relationship
> little know tips for a better nights sleep.. 
>>> And Peg has offered all listeners a FREE One On One Coaching Session

I hope this information helps you weave through the maze of disability information, 

Click Here to Listen to the interview started conquering your concerns today!

Brian Therrien



Brian Therrien

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