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Thanks for placing your trust in us to help you win your Social Security Disability income.

The Social Security Disability Mini Course below is packed with interviews and lessons from expert contributor and members of this web site. 

There is over 75 years of combined experience that reveals little known and highly effective disability approval secrets.

Thanks so very much for putting your faith in us to help you win your disability income. We will not let you down!


All About The Process Interview And Disability Approval Course Are Below.

This first part of the course is an audio interview with Jonathan Ginsburg will get you orientated with the system and help you understand what it really takes to win your case! 

This is followed by lessons below that will take you through the approval process.  Then starting in about four days you will receive additional tips to help you win your disability fast.

Includes: How to find out whether you qualify, which specific conditions count, where to find the appropriate Social Security Disability Application, the exact wording to use in your application, discover how income from other sources (investments, royalty checks, spousal support, SSI, etc.) affects your disability benefits.


    "Jonathan Ginsburg"

Over twenty five years of helping disabled get approved.

        "Karl Osterhout"

Karl has handled 25,000 disability claims, and has detected a concerning trend of disability applications that are difficult and sometimes impossible to win.

    "Barbara Mountain"

Barbara is a former Social Security Employee that has spent the last 17 years helping disabled win their benefits.

"Member Success Stories"

Kevin, Donna, Greg, Lupe, Chris, Ken, Angela,Ida, Mark, Nikki, Shivon, Kim, Robin, Phillip, Diane, Angela.


It would be unreasonable to assume you'll get the same amazing results as described on this page. However, it CAN and does happen!

And considering thousands before you have paved the way using these very steps to blast through the disability brick walls, we think you'll agree you'd be risking a LOT more by passing up the opportunity to get it right the first time.

Brian Therrien