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How Much Does Social Security Disability Pay

Hi, it’s Brian from the disability digest here. And in this video, I am going to explain how much you can get paid from social security. And just so that, you know, social security is not like a get rich program. You’re going to get paid a million bucks like this bill that I’ve had lying around for a while, but it is a program to help you have a stable income, food on the table, and a roof over your head. So here we go.

There are two types of programs. The first one is called SSI like Sam Sam Ingrid. And this is also known as social insurance or welfare. And this is for individuals and children, that do not have a work history. They haven’t worked and paid taxes so they’re not qualified for social security disability, which I’ll explain in a moment. And the qualifications for this are your medical conditions and your assets and resources, which is super complicated.

I’m just going to talk in general terms here. If you do qualify for SSI, then the check amount is around 754 and $94 at the time of this recording. and then you get Medicaid as insurance. So for somebody that needs assistance, it’s a program it’s certainly a safety net that’s there for you, right? The more common in the area where we work here at the disability digest in helping people with is social security disability. Social security disability is an insurance program. That’s what the I is, at the end of it. And you are eligible for this from a work perspective.

If you have worked and paid taxes into the system. So the more tax that you pay into the system, the higher your check amount, and that is looked at over the last 10 years. So as a general rule, if you’ve worked 50% or more of the last 10 years and paid taxes is you would qualify for a social security disability check. Most people that come here to the disability digest, need 40 credits there’s a credit-based system. If you have 39 credits, you wouldn’t qualify, but if you have you would, and those credits, you can earn credit, one credit per quarter. And I’m just looking at my notes here. It’s $1,470 is what qualifies you to earn credit. So if you’re up to 40 of those, then you’re good.

So you can find out if you qualify and what your check amount is by going into your, my SSA account, or calling them it’s better to log into your account, look under the estimated benefit tab. So what we see here about how much you can get paid.  The monthly disability check is around $1,300 between one thousand three hundred and one thousand four hundred, somewhere in that range.

That’s an average check that we see here for disability recipients and for back benefits for people that go through the approval process, you know, it takes a while to get approved. In some situations, we see around $18,000 in back benefits at the time of the award. Okay. So that’s the monthly income, that’s the back benefits, but there are no two situations alike. I mean, it’s based on your, work history, the income that you earned when you stopped working when you applied.

But keep in mind, if you wait more than five years to apply your benefits expire, and that puts you back in the SSI category that you don’t want. So if you’re listening to this and you’re right around that point in time, I encourage you to take action. Now, if you’re approved for disability and you’re receiving for example a $1,300 check your opportunities to increase that check is realistically only with the call, the cost of living increase. But there are ways that you can maximize your income.

Oftentimes people are paying for things that they don’t need to be paying for. So in a check example like this, if it’s a single individual and that’s their check amount, and they’re paying for their Medicare part B premium 1000 or $148 and 50 cents a month, this year, then it’s possible that that could be paid for by the state and is something that we could help you with.

And that would add an extra what 17, $1,800 to your, to your annual income. There are also other incentives around in areas where you can get that $148.50, instead of getting it paid for by the state. You can get, uh, a reduction on it from certain companies, if you enroll in their plans. there are other areas in the U.S where there’s like $50 a month, grocery shopping incentive, where you can go in and shop that’s, you know, that’s big help or where you can get shopping credits where you can have monthly or quarterly vouchers where you can go and purchase things that you would normally purchase at a pharmacy. There are things like this that we’ve learned that help people stretch their checks and eliminate things that they’re paying for that they don’t need to. So to recap, SSI, for those that haven’t worked S S D I average check is around 1,300 around 18,000 for back benefits is what we see few ways in which you can stretch your check, maximize your benefits after you’re on them.

I hope you have found this helpful, for more information look around this video, 

This has been Brian Therrien. Thank you.


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