January 11

Denied Because You Have Not Worked Enough

Good day everybody. It’s Brian Therrien from the disability digest. And instead of looking at me today, I’m gonna give you something a little more attractive to look at while I share my message with you. You’re looking at Lake Champlain from the top of Mount Philo in Charlotte, Vermont. A great little place next to my house.

My message today is for those of you who have not worked enough to qualify for a social security disability check. As a general rule, you need to work 50% or more of the last 10 years to qualify for your disability check. By the way, on the other side of the lake there, that’s New York state like Essex, New York up towards Plattsburgh. So if you have it, what do you do? my suggestion is to find out how many credits you actually have for most, you need 40 credits to apply for your social security disability benefits to be fully insured.

Let’s say you have 39 credits or 38 credits. All right, well, what does it take to get back to 40 credits? So you get your check reinstated, to earn one credit you need to earn, I believe it’s $1,470 over three months period. That’s it really to get a credit reinstated. If you need two credits, you need to work six months earning $1,470 in each of the quarters. I’ll put the details below this video, but if you’re looking at a check of, you know, $1,500 a month or 18 $20,000 a year, and it’s the only source of income you can get, can you find a way to get back work? hopefully, you can.

Now, if you do want to find a way to get back to work, to restore your credits, we can help you with that. There’ll be resources below this video as well. We partner with companies that put people back to work, and from time to time, we have positions here. The point is just, don’t give up and say, I don’t have enough credits. Think about, you know, what your strategy might be to get your credits reinstated. I hope you find this helpful. Make it a great day.


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