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Mel’s 3 Tips For A Fast Social Security Disability. (Paid $43,452 in 9 months)

Hi, it’s Brian Therrien from the Disability Digest and that’s Ace our cat. You’re about to listen to a disability approval success story from Mel. Hope you’ll find this encouraging. Mel applied for disability and about eight months later, he found that there were $43,452 in his bank account that he did not expect. So the message here, I hope that you, what you take from this is that when you apply for your disability benefits, you can get approved at the initial application level. You can get your back pay paid in full so that you can get everything that you’re entitled to. So check it out. But for those of you that might be already approved.

And for those of you that are going to be approved, just a few housekeeping issues, this is an award letter, and it says things to remember. I wanna make sure that you tune in to that when you get your letter, or if you already have it, go find it. And then also there’s a section in here that says what your responsibilities are. You want to make sure that you’re aware of these two things so that can keep your benefits and stay tuned here at the disability digest. What we do is help you get your benefits approved fast, keep them, and maximize them. Enjoy the story, make it a great day.

One of the things I wanted to ask and it’s totally optional is with your experience and what we’ve gone through, as a lot of people out there don’t believe it’s possible to get their initial application approved. They don’t believe it’s possible to recoup all that back pay. Do you have any words of advice that you would allow me to share with your story, Mel, that may make a difference for other people sitting on the sidelines?

Well, I think the biggest thing is, you got to be your own advocate, and figure out what you gotta do, but then the other thing was, follow the process. So, I would watch the videos and I would take the time and sometimes I could turn a form around pretty quickly, but other times, you know, it would take me a little while, but then I would complete it and then go back and watch the video and see if there was anything that I missed. I followed what you guys provided, pretty close to what I needed to do. I mean obviously, I looked at other resources, but, everything that you guys provided.

I appreciate the, be your own advocate snippet, you know, I’ll keep it anonymous with just your first name. But that’s really a valuable information

Thanks for watching our video. This is Brian Therrien from the Disability Digest. And our effort here is to keep you informed of the big picture items that may help you get your benefits, or if you’re already approved, help you keep your benefits and maximize your benefits. So we certainly hope that you enjoy it. If you’re a member here and something is going on with you that we can help you out with, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, just reply to our emails or contact us with a phone number that we have provided you. If you’re not a member, of course, we invite you to come and join us as a member. We are like a radio or a TV station, where we have ads and sponsors and services that we provide, that allow us to provide you with a free membership. So come on in and, and enjoy.

And what that will help you out with is you’ll be able to get information that’s more specific to your needs because in my experience of 16, some odd years, there’s no two situations alike. Your age, your gender, where you live, your income, your condition, your treatment history. It’s just a few of the different variables that are going to determine your ability to get approved, and what you’re entitled to for benefits once you’re approved. So come on in, join us. We look forward to helping you out. And of course, if you liked the videos, hit the bell, so you get notifications for the next, share it, it makes the world go around. Thanks again for tuning in, make it a great day.


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