A Reliable Way To Save $100 K And Keep Your Disability Benefits

The stable account allows you to earn money that would flow into your checking account then into your stable account and accumulate in your stable account with no impact on the SSI asset limitation criteria.

Money that is gifted money that you raised and in some instances income that you earn directly from a job can be paid directly into your stable account and have no impact on the asset limit money is in the account can be spent on disability related expenses and you can accumulate up to $100,000 in this account for a rainy day fund protection from financial disaster etc.

The plan was designed for Ohio residents but anybody in any state no has access.  From what I understand in my conversation with Jerome on the service desk can open an account note that there is a monthly fee associated with the account $2.50 if you live in Ohio $3.50 if you live in another state it is a small price to pay for the financial stability that this can provide.

Please note that the key is that you do not need to be under 26 to qualify you need to have had a condition symptoms related to that condition that you experienced prior to age 26 so if you had mobility issues at age 25 and then at age 27 you are diagnosed with MS that would be a qualifying instance.  And there is talk of raising the age.

It gets better once your money is invested into the stable account you can direct it to other investment vehicles to gain interest.  

To Learn more and apply go to https://www.stableaccount.com/


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