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How Our FREE Social Security Disability Strategy Maximizies Your Friends Chances Of Winning Benefits.

First, your friend will speak with one of our trained disability approval advocates who will:

checkmark Register them for a free membership so they can learn how to weave through the maze of disability issues,
checkmark Review their case and teach them how to get their story straight for applying for disability,
checkmark Advise them to review the entire mini course so they understand their options for filing or advancing their case on their own, and

checkmark Schedule an interview with a Social Security Disability representative.   

Now Don't Freak Out when you read the word "representative," because... I'm not an "attorney," and I'm not advocating you need one.

What I'm advocating is that an interview with a Social Security representative helps maximize the chances of winning, because from the interview, one learns four very important things about his or her case:

1.  Learn if your case has over an 80% chance of winning,
2.  Discover if there are any potential weaknesses in your case,
3.  Uncover additional evidence, and
4.  Learn the advantages of using professional representation versus representing yourself.  

Then, once these steps are completed, it is time for your friend to step back and decide how to advance his/her case...on their own or with representation.

All this can be done in less time than it takes to go to the movies.  While we cannot guarantee that anyone will be approved if they follow the suggested three steps, I can tell you that either option will help you provide accurate, relevant, and complete information to Social Security, which will help you "blast through the Social Security Disability approval brick walls faster than guessing ... saving months of delays.

To conclude, our strategy gives our members the confidence that they have submitted the best possible case so you can get approved ASAP.

Thank you for putting your trust in us to help you win your Social Security benefits. We won't let you down.


Brian Therrien and The Disability Digest Team

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