Prescription $avings Mini Course 


If you are paying for generic or brand-name drugs (or know some who are). This is the single most important money saving web site you have landed on.

Because…. I have learned that most are paying more than they should for prescriptions and have found a legal way for you to save up to 85% on your generic or brand-name drugs.  

Sound too good to be true? Well, it's not. You will discover that saving is as easy as giving your pharmacist a prescription drug discount card from National Benefit Builders (NBB).

NBB is a 30-year-old debt-free company with an A++ Better Bureau rating that has saved its cardholders over millions of dollars.  The card is FREE, ultra easy to use, has no gimmicks. And can used at over 56,000 pharmacies nationwide.  

To help you learn fast how to slash the cost of your prescriptions, we have created a mini course complete with an interview with NBB’s guru Linda Grinthal and a video tour that...

  Explains how the FREE Prescription card saves up to 85%

  Shows how to save $78 for 30 pills of a brand name drug

  Gives you step-by-step detail how and where the card works

  Walks you through how to find the local pharmacy with the best price

  Explains how to use it with an insurance card

  Shows you the web site to print your drug discount card

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Card success stories provided by National Benefit Builders and The Disability Digest

"Only had to pay $52.73 for a $400 persciption"

One of Mom's prescriptions cost her over $400 out of pocket for a 30 day supply!  I was frustrated because she had to go without some of her meds, so I checked your card's website and discovered that by using this card at a national chain pharmacy my mother only had to pay $52.73 for the SAME prescription medication!!!!

I truly appreciate the benefits of this card!  Thank you for sharing it with me, Judy!  I am so grateful that my mother can now afford her medications.

May God bless you and yours!




"Saved Approximately $400.00 This Month"

Hello Brian -

My name is Christine Goeggel. I live in Southern California and am in a struggle with SS Dis. as we speak. I do have an atty. working with me on my appeal so hopefully I'll get approved soon. 

I have really benefited from all the great info Disability Digest has provided me, most of all the prescription discount card. I have spinal and cervical stenosis, which is very painful. I will be having surgery this year to hopefully get some relief in the neck. 

I currently take different medications for nerve pain, etc., and have insurance through my husbands employer, but have a huge &3,000 deductible to crack each year. My meds alone cost $900/month and my husband, who is a Type 1 Diabetic, has a hefty med bill of about the same. 

We saved approximately $400.00 on my meds alone this month using the Community Assistance Card! Wow! That is a huge savings! I can't thank you enough, Brian for all the help you provide people like me, who are struggling to keep our heads above water, feeling so helpless not being able to earn a living anymore. 

It is very frustrating working with SS, trying to get back what is rightfully ours, but Disability Digest helps ease that frustration with providing us with the tools we need to beat SS at their own game. The information you provide is so enlightening and so powerful. It has helped me so much through this entire process. 

I thank you for all the time and energy you put forth into helping absolute strangers. You are a good man! God Bless You Brian!

Christine Goeggel


"Card just saved me $80.00"

This discount drug card just saved me $80.00 on my med!!!!   I will request 2 more cards.  My Dad and sister could really benefit from this card.  I saved enough to grocery shop this week!!!  This card is great! 

Thanks - Emily

"Card valid with no gimmicks" 

I was surprised to find out that the card is valid with no gimmicks, and my prescription was half the cost of my insurance co-pay.

I will use this card in the future, and have requested additional cards for my daughters.


"Better Than The Savings Offered By Walgreens" 


I get my services at Walgreens where I filled out a discount form. I had two prescriptions filled last week.

I presented the savings card I printed out and was told that it was less than the savings offered by Walgreens.

Thank you,

"Normally $105.00 with card $50.00"

Normally paid $105.00 for her nitroglycerin, but with the card she paid $50.00.  She was so excited, pleased, as a matter of fact ecstatic.  I feel soooo good about it.  My friend also told me that this lady pays over $500.00 a month in prescriptions, so I will be talking to her about the Patient Assistance Program. 

Thank you, Janice 

No Need To Break Your Piggy Bank For Prescriptions!