"The Most Important FREE Step To Help  Maximize Your Chances Of Winning Your Disability Claim!"
(The Strategy That Has Helped Thousands Win In Record Time!)

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Uncertain if you will qualify for your disability income?

Overwhelmed with paperwork?

Scared that you will not be able to survive the wait until you are approved?

Or, just want to make sure you do all you can do to win in record time. 

     Then you are not alone... And I encourage you to STOP what you are doing and review this page, because I'm going to give you the secret to separating your case from the 2.6 million others who apply and to maximizing your chances of winning.

     The secret is to speak with a Disability Digest member, who we call a "advocates," about your Social Security Disability application.  You will get answers to your most pressing questions about the Social Security Disability approval process and rock-solid proof that our strategy will blast you through disability walls in record time, all supported with real-life success stories from disability applicants like you.

     Partners are empathetic members of The Disability Digest willing and eager to speak with you to walk you through the resources we have to insure you will get approved in record time.   

     Now Don't Freak Out... when you read "speak with" because advocates are not doctors or attorneys and don't provide any legal advice.   

     These are individuals with disabilities who know what it is like to go through the process, are current on the latest regulations, and have been trained to use The Disability Digest resources to help you get approved in record time.  

     What I'm advocating is that from a conversation with an advocate you will...  
->  Learn how to determine if you qualify for benefits,
->  Learn if you have an 85% or better chance of winning,
->  Discover possible weaknesses in your case,
->  Uncover new evidence to strengthen your case,
->  What your options are for applying or advancing your case,
->  Find out about all the back benefits to which you're entitled, and    
->  Get tips to help you survive the wait,

all of which will help you maximize your chances of winning! 

     There is no charge to speak with an advocate.  It usually takes an advocate 10-15 minutes to grasp an understanding of your situation.  This offer is valid for those who are not working, plan to stop working within 10 days, or are working and earning less than $1,000.00 a month gross.

     While I cannot guarantee that you will be approved if you follow the suggestions in this strategy, I can tell you that this strategy has worked for thousands and will help you provide accurate, relevant, and complete information to Social Security.

     Because the price of getting denied disability and stuck in the disability approval process is expensive, my goal is to provide you with the knowledge and resources to maximize your chances of winning.  Then, you will be relieved to know that you have done the very best you can do to win your case as soon as possible. 

     Thank you for putting your trust in me to help you win your Social Security Disability benefits. I won't let you down.

Helping You Win,

Brian Therrien
P.S. See success stories from real people like you below. 

P.S.S. If you are working and earning over $1,000.00 a month, please wait until your income is below $1,000.00 a month before taxes because Social Security does not allow you to apply until it is.

"Approved On The First Try"

Hi Brian,
Just wanted to let you know that I received "The" envelope from Social Security today. It took me three hours to get up the courage to open it. I was a very happy person when I did. 

My disability has been approved on the first try!!!!!! I am absolutely 100% sure that the only reason I was approved on the first try was because of you and the disability digest. 

The information and contacts you supplied me with helped me gather all of the necessary reports and medical records I would need prove my case. 

The Disability Digest played a major roll in my getting approved so quickly and I really do appreciate you keeping me in the loop and recording the calls for me. 

Thanks again for all your help,

Darla Scott


"Thanks For The New, Helpful Attorney Firm"


I got the courage to apply for an attorney through your series, and compared the firm that called with the one I had been attempting to contact (rude, they were), and changed attorneys. Thank you very much for that assistance. 

The new firm you provided not only attempts to help me, but will actually call back within ten minutes of the time I call them. I am definitely impressed!

Thanks for the new, helpful attorney firm!!

Gresham, Oregon


"Approved In Two Months"


This knowledge helped me get my disability in 2 months,

Darlene Wick 
Bancroft, Wv

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