"How To Find Affordable Housing In Safe Neighborhoods, ... (Even If You Have Less Than A Dollar In Your Pocket And Extremely Poor Credit)"


     I know how difficult it can be to find affordable, safe housing on a disability allowance.  That's why have put together the audio overview at the top of the page and links to web site of key resources. (Just click the play button to listen please).   

     Once you have listened to the overview,  visit the Center for independent Living (CIL) and HUD web sites below for detailed information.   I have put together video's on each page that give you a guided tour of the of the HUD and CIL web sites (just like I was sitting next to you) that shows you how to find these little know housing resources.

  • To Learn More about Centers for Independent Living (CIL's) Click here

  • To Learn More about HUD Click Here

Other resources covered on the call;

  • HABITAT.org (Habitat for Humanity)

  • NCIL.org  202-207-0334

But please listen through the interview and visit all the related
web sites so you can understand  how you can take advantage of these resources.

Happy House Hunting!

Brian Therrien