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Dear Friend:      

     Modest Needs helps pay for smaller stuff so the bigger stuff doesn't pile up, which is often just enough to prevent some one in need from going into a financial tail-spin and losing everything. 

Common grants
Accessibility equipment 
Retrofit a bath tub 
Fix a wheel chair
Car payment (especially if used to go to work) 
Funeral expenses
Moving expenses 
Rent or Mortgage payments 
Temporary lose of income
Urgent health care
Health exam
Legal Fees
Fixing stuff (lift in a van, scooter and household)  

Amount of grants
Modest needs has saved a life for as little as $17.00 and funded up to $1000 grants for other modest needs.

Application process:
Its fast and easy! You will need internet access and access to a scanner so you can scan required docs and send to Modest Needs.

Approval time is fast  
You could have your money in 5-14 days. 

"Received a $750.00 grant for medical expenses"

"I received a $750.00 grant for my daughter medical bills for my daughter I had half and modest needs awarded me a check for the rest" 

- Liz Rush 
South Carolina

Giving back: 
For many making charitable contribution on disability check has just not been possible until now.  Because 
for as little as $1.00 you really can stop the cycle of poverty BEFORE it starts. 

Here the deal.
If you donate just $1.00 per month to modest needs a matching grant will donate another $1.00 for a total of $2.00 per month, $24.00 per year.

Modest needs has saved a life to $17.00 so this is plenty to make a difference!  

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"It really does work"


I first heard about The Modest Needs Foundation from The Disability Digest and I'm here to inform you that it really does work. 

I applied for a grant amount of $784.98 dollars for a power wheelchair lift on 10/20/2008 and received the grant on 12/10/2008 Modest Needs said that it would take 1021 points to be approved for the grant and after 44 days my grant came thru. 

I was in no real big hurry so the amount of time did not matter to me...

To you I would say if you have a need of 1000.00 dollars or less its well worth the time to apply.

Welford Hanks
Burgess, Virginia 22432

"Learn Earla got a modest need grant for her dog Shawdow's veterinarian bills"

Earla Redman 
Saint Albans
New York

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