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"Listen To This Interview With Kathy West Evans And Learn How Vocational Rehabilitation Can Help You Find A Job, Supplement Your Income or Start A Business!"

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Details about training, job search assistance, resume building,  education grants, how to 10 reliable work at home companies,  how to find a reliable job in 14 days, how disabled start a business with no money down.

Recourses mentioned

A. Click here or go to the link below to contact your local Voc Rehab office

B. Members area  
In the members area you'll learn absolutely everything
(You) must know about disability all in one place including:

1. Getting Approved For Disability
2. Maximize Your Benefits & How Much You Can Make
3. Jobs And Income
4. Housing - How To Find Affordable Housing
5. Disabled Grants
6. Treatment Options
7. Connect With And Learn From Others
8. Financial Assistance, Legal Aid, Advocacy And Support Groups
9. All About Veterans Benefits

C. Blog 
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Top 3 Tips for supplementing your income

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Grant Scams beware

There is allot of myths, scams and misinformation around disabled grants and resources to help you find them.  Please read this blog post to get the real deal.

D. Community
Community jobs and income
Because many are really struggling to find reliable ways
to supplement their income and don't know where to turn
for help we have formed a discussion group dedicated to
helping you start a business or find work.

The discussion group is a place where you can connect with
others that are looking for or learn from real life success stories.

Its F.R.E.E And Easy To Join The discussion group. Go to the
web site below and select groups, the red check mark logo
for Start a business find work group:

Real life examples 

Dennis Berry

Charles Vaughn

Michelle Toole

Josh Blue

Andy Leaf

Peg Ball

E. Reliable work at home openings to work.


Questions from members
1.  How does social security consider this income
I am a nurse who can no longer work outside my home. I have been offered an opportunity to work from home for a large corporation. It is considered "work for hire" so I don't receive a regular paycheck every month. I only get paid when I finish my contract, and contracts are let every 3 or 4 months depending on the workload. How does social security consider this income?
J. kirk

You can typically earn up to $980.00 per month and still keep your Disability Benefits.

To learn the details go to the members area and select item 2 "How to maximize your benefits"
The member area is here

2.  Business and grants

I am a 57 year old, 10% disabled, Veteran and I am attending an MBA program under Chapter 31 giudelines.  I am collecting unemployment compensation which is about to run out.  I still have a year or so to complete my MBA degree.  I am interested in owning my own business and /or applying for any grants available for someone in my situation.  I anticipate your comments.

Thank you for your consideration.
Follow the directions in the interview at the top of this page and use Voc Rehab to get started.  

3. Business plan
Brian, I have a business plan written and want to find out how best to get a grant. Any suggestions? 

Follow the directions in the interview at the top of this page and use Voc Rehab to get started.  

4. Working on Meds
I want to thank you for all the information you have given me.  I am currently working even though I have fibromylgia.  I am working two jobs as a matter of fact.  Most nights I cannot sleep because I am in so much pain.  I can't afford any medication but take a mixture of tylenol, ibuprophen and naprosin. 

 My dr says this is not good but since everything I buy is generic it is the only way I can take anything for pain at all.  Right now I work anywhere from 8 to 14 hours per day and when I get home am too tired to cook or clean and my house looks like it. 

Learn How To Reduced Chronic Fibromyalgia Pain Naturally!

4. How to over come the stigma
I have not been legally declared disabled.  I'd like to be able to honestly be able to walk into a job interview and say I'm diagnosed with Bipolar-Disorder, but I've had a lowering of symptoms. 

Can you help me find creative ways to overcome stigma?

 Thank You,

 Jeremie Orth
Listen to the interview on this page

5. Getting DVR workers attention
Hello, I live in Fl. so I dont think you can help me but I wish there were something like this here. I have tried to do the " ticket to work " program and both times the person who was doing the interveiwing seemed very preoccupied with personal phone calls and wanted ALL of my health records dating back 20 yrs just really stupid things to distrack me, also when she was done explaining the program she pointed out that I would be out there just like everyone else looking for a job they dont help with that part. So thats how it dosent work down here. Thought it might be good to let someone else know how the goverment programs dont work and the empployees of the goverment are getting a free ride. Sincerley Kelly Fazzina

Prepared for your meeting by follow the directions in the interview at the top of this page. 
6.  Will voc rehab help with  ...
A. I am wondering if they will pay for a new computer because they had paid my tuition but i need a new pc....because this was is in need of repair.

B. Bills while applying for SSDI

C.  finding work at home

A and C are possible if part of you work plan. 

7 . Who is eligible for the assistance from Voc rehab
Am I eligible for the assistance from Voc rehab or ticket to work program even though i've been denied for SSI (twice)? I have SLE(lupus), ITP(Idiopathic Thrombocypenia Pupurea), Anemia, Pleural Effusion (of lungs), Osteonecrosis (of both hips, left hip replacement)? 

I was told Vocational can't help until I'm no longer employed.

The general answer is disabled and unemployed.

8. Highly funtional in some area's
A. I am presently on a fixed income on SSII Disability. I need to find emplyment to suppliment my income. It doesn't seem to matter how much I keep cutting, I still am short on income. The amount I get is &1,017.00 a month. Although I am permantly disabled, I am highly functional in some areas.
So, any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

B.   Figure out something to do for work.. create your own biz

I have problems with concentration, memory and never know when extreme fatigue may hit where I fall asleep no matter what.  While I was working I fell asleep in the middle of typing, signing my name, conversations, etc. So have no idea what I could do for supplemental income to my disability income

Seems like all the P.T. work from home jobs are taken.  In addition, I love animals, particularly dogs and would love to figure out something I could do to work with them.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Find something to do that is conducive to your disability.