Learn From A Prominent Defense Attorney How And When To Seek Recourse If You've Been Wrongfully Terminated, How To Save Your Job, or How To Use The ADA To Get A Job!

In this interview, a prominent defense attorney goes anonymously undercover as Curt K and tells all.  Learn All About The Americans With Disability Act ( ADA ), the EEOC, the FMLA, And Workplace Discrimination and Harassment.

Learn your rights, what to do if they have been violated, and where to turn for help. 

Listen to the interview and learn:
Employers can fire you anytime for any reason as long as it's legal
What are legal illegal grounds for termination 
You can not be terminated for having a disability
What sort of treatment is considered harassment and how to legally respond   What an accommodation is and how to ask for one to keep you job
Can I take action against my old company because they did not make an accommodation for me?

What a Job seeker you will learn:
How to use the ADA to help you get a job
How asking for an accommodations can help you get and keep a job
Three realistic accommodations to ask for
The single most important thing to know when you have a disability and are looking for a job
How and when to use the EEOC
All about the FMLA and why it's the silver bullet for job protection
When you should ask for help

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Resources covered on the call 
A. ADA - Click to read all about the ADA 
B. EEOC - To Find your local office Click here
C. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Click here 

D. JAN - Job accommodation network  800-526-7234
E. CIL- Centers for independent living. to find your local office click here
F. Blog post about work place discrimination
G. Blog post about ADA improvements
H. The Disability Digest members area