"Learn How Disabled Get Happy And
Create A Kick Butt Life!"

Jackie Ruka, founder of The Get Happy Zone will help you get in the happy Zone and free supporting resources will keep you there.

You will learn: every human has the internal power to get a fresh start, your happiness equals your sucess, you have the power to create the life you want, get step by step directions to get started today.


Jackie Ruka, founder of The Get Happy Zone is an Authentic Lifestyle Expert, who inspires people to follow the path to personal freedom, and so fulfill a vibrant vision of their authentic self and life's purpose. Her unique approach reflects her training as an art psychotherapist (Hahnemann University and Medical School) and massage therapist, in combination with her corporate background.

In 1996,  her combined passion for health and education led her into a career in marketing for the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. Her dedication, leadership, and certification in different treatment areas, such as anxiety, cardiovascular disease, depression, HIV, infectious diseases, and women's health, have since been recognized by multiple achievement and recognition awards. Through close partnerships with key researchers and thought leaders around the world, Jackie's skills have launched several brands that reached the billion-dollar sales level.

To get you in the Happy zone this event you will get solid answers to the most pressing questions participats asked:

How do I motivate myself when I am always tired and now so cold, looking for a direction in my life, how do I get my drive back, how to beat the boredom,  how to stop feeling inferior, why am i not happy?, how can I keep from getting depressed and have a more positive attitude?

Finding my new purpose & to regain that bubbly fulling life, how to get back tha laugh out loud personality I once had prior to becoming disabled!,  how do I get a life back that makes me feel like a valuable member of society again,  I am so depressed and discouraged with life,  how do I get my confidence back,  how to lead a productive life when you live with pain daily.

How to socialize more often, what is the best way to increase socialization in a small town with no support groups for disabled individuals?

Tremors are disabling and embarrassing. what's the best way to cope?,  how to handle my frustration with fatigue and weakness, how can I help my brother with his depression?,  how to live with chronic wide spread pain, how do I survive financially to be happy?

These supporting resources will help keep you in The Happy Zone:

Amazing weekly newsletter with empowerment tips, inspiring life stories,invites to uplifting events, life enhancement tools, and daily positive messages,

Bonus: A limited number of members will qualify for a complimentary private coaching session with Jackie.