Finally A Reliable Work-At-Home Opportunity!

Ideal for those receiving disability or going through the approval process.

Its FREE, no experience required, we train you, easy to do.
Get paid helping members get (and or) maximize their disability income.

Watch This Video Overview:

Dear Friend:

Are you tired of the endless hype about making money on the internet? All those images of big mansions, huge yachts and shiny sports cars?

Have you had it with being told that in order to succeed online you need to spend thousands buying courses that tell you to buy another course the seller is an affiliate for?

If yes, and you'd like an honest system that works, really makes a difference and can leverage your disability experience, then you are going to love the Disability Digest Referral Partner program! Here is why.

This is your chance to supplement your income with a business that has NOTHING to do with network marketing or MLM and has the tax benefits of operating a business from home or anywhere in the world with a simple internet connection!

Now, I know you may be skeptical, but The Disability Digest and The Fibromyalgia Digest have already made a difference for 168,023 members and have a perfect A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
Because there are 9 million in the USA collecting disability checks and 2.8 million that apply for every year, and we are the only game in town that does this so the possibilities are HUGE.

​Here's How It Works

As a referral partner, you'll get a web site address that you can send to prospects and when they click on your website and sign up for a membership we track the revenue generating items and and share the commission with you.

It is as easy as sending an email or promotional letter we provide to your prospect with your referral partner link and when they sign up our system tracks the whole process so you get credit in your account and get paid. You can find prospects everywhere.

  • Condition specific groups like ADD, Fibromyalgia, MS, etc.
  • Disability and conditon related websites
  • FaceBook
  • Craig's list
  • Doctors' offices, rehab facilities


Because our membership is Free your commission come from FREE services we offer our members to get or maximize their benefits. Common commission items are completing our get approved for disability strategy and choosing a medicare advantage program through one of our providers.

  • Earn $17 - $200 for each member that completes our Get Approved For Disability FAST Strategy.
  • Earn $4 for each member that completes our maximize your medicare plan.
  • Referral Partner Profit Pool: Team incentive.
  • Earn 5 % - 20% commission over ride on all Referral partners you introduce or we assign to you.

If you referred 10 new members a month that completes our free disability approval strategy and have 3 referral partners that do the same, you would earn a minimum of $260 month $3120.00 Year. Plus the Referral Partner Profit Pool.

The average disability check is $1,100, so this example would give you about 25% more money to live on plus the tax benefits.​

We Provide Everything

In your referral partner account, you will find marketing tools that will literally help you generate commissions while you sleep.

Your efforts are supported by an easy to use, ultra-accurate accounting system that tracks the members you have signed up and the performance of the affiliates you introduced. Log in to your affiliate account and check how much you have earned at any time!

To help you succeed you are supported with live online trainings and a FaceBook discussion group.

Required Skills For A Successful Affiliate

  1. ​The ability to generate 5 new members per month(proven skills are helpful but not necessary),
  2. A computer, internet access, and good computer skills,
  3. Willing to invest 90 minutes a day 5 days a week,
  4. The ability to learn and follow the training we provide.

I'm looking for some "Anti-Get-Rich-Quick" motivated, forward-looking-and-moving people who don't have an "ambition" disability and are willing to focus on building a business that will generate profits for the rest of their lives.

If you're this type of person, together we can make a HUGE difference. I invite you to apply for an affiliate position so you can come along for the ride!

Being a successful referral partner is easy work. And because a computer tracks all your business, you are not judged by a real live person about your age, race, education, or disability. So its only you who determines the amount of your income.

The Disability Digest Referral Partner Program has leveled the playing field, making it possible to be paid for your efforts. This is the GREAT EQUALIZER!

If you feel you are a good candidate, complete the application for consideration below and put your experience to work today!

We look forward to working with you to help you supplement your income.

The Disability Digest Team​

Click here for the referral partner terms and conditions