"I have handled 25,000 disabitly claims, and I have detected a concerning trend of disability applications that are difficult and sometimes impossible to win because these three forms below were not submitted properly.

In hopes that this interview will help you complete your application properly so that in the unfortunate event that you need to hire an attorney like me, I stand a chance to win you your benefits" 

- Attorney Karl Osterhout

Watch The Video Below And
Learn How To Complete The Forms Accurately To Maximize Your Chances Of Getting Approved FAST.

Learn how to complete these important forms accurately.

 Function report - SSA-3373, Work history - SSA-3369, Adult function - SSA-3368

Even if you have a disability representative working on your case, you are not off the hook for these three forms because your input is critical to avoid the common initial application mistakes.

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Function report - SSA-3373
(Questions about: personal care, meals, house work)


Work history - SSA-3369
(Questions about: specific jobs and tasks to determine what you can do for work AKA RFC)


Adult function - SSA-3368
(Questions about: contact, medical conditions, education and training, job history and general work questions, medicines, medical treatment)


DISCLAIMER: It would be unreasonable to assume you'll get the same amazing results as described on this page. However, it CAN and does happen!   And considering thousands before you have paved the way using these very steps to blast through the disability
brick walls, we think you'll agree you'd be risking a LOT more by passing up the opportunity to get it right the first time.