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November 29, 2008

How To Supplement Your Disability Income Taking Pictures $$$

Hey all

I stumbled upon a great blog Photography blog this week that could be an ideal way for you to supplement your disability income and keep your benefits!

Tom Aellis is a the founder of The Warriors Eye blog that is catching fire in the disabled photography buff circles.  I suspect the reason why is Tom has been in the photography has a mile long list of  accomplishments (even got paid for taking photo’s of National Hockey League games) and a passion to help  people with Disabilities (PWD) build a thriving photography business.

Tom’s blog tells all about the business of photography including equipment reviews, business tips and loads of little know secrets to help you succeed.

I’m excited about what Tom is doing because his info is solid and a photography business is conducive to a wide variety of debilitating conditions , which right away opens the opportunity to a wide variety of people.

Now you may be thinking “well that great but I don’t have the equipment or the money for it so how the @#%$%^@ do you expect me to get started”

This is a fair question and I do realize that suffering from a condition or being disabled can certainly cause physical and financial limitations, but the good news is that there really are government programs to assist you, they just don’t tell ya about them!

I have found some little known recourse like the Social Security Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS), disabled business grants that make it possible for people with disabilities to start a business Photography in the case for little or no money down.

The Disability Digest offers a free membership that is packed with Educational courses and seminars All About Disability that can help start a photography business.

My goal is provide you with the tools and resources to build a thriving business to supplement your disability income …  I hope this insight it helpful.

I encourage you to check out Tom Aellis The Warriors Eye blog here

Brian Therrien

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