"A Real Life Medicare Money Saving Tips From Disability Digest Member Carol DeLacey!"

Learn how to save with generics from CVS,  Walgreens And  Canadian Pharmacies.

Hi all 

     When I became disabled I found that everything changed for me, previously on one pill a day in a year’s time I was prescribed over 10 medications. Here are some of the solutions I have found as far as the drugs are concerned as to price and availability.

     Right in your own backyard, so to speak are CVS and Walgreens. When I initially called regarding prices the quotes they gave me left me thinking, ok, I would have to go without. I didn’t know the magic words, CVS Health Savings Pass or Walgreens WCARD. 

     Then I found out that both of these have lists of generics (400 drugs on each list, but somewhat different) that you can purchase for $9.99 per 3 months worth at CVS and $12.99 for three months worth at Walgreens. With my Medicare part D, I would pay $21.00 for three months worth. Each Medicare part D is different, and some offer mail order for less but then so does Walgreens. It has a separate mail order only part that works with Medicare part D. AARP plans. Their price they said is your co pay times 2 for three month's worth, basically 3 for the price of two. For generics that you take, and when every penny counts, these are all worth looking into. Shipping is free in any case whether you order online from CVS, Walgreens or Walgreens mail order.    It is easy to set up an account online for any of these. The phone number for Walgreens mail order is 1-800-345-1985.

CVS's program is called the CVS Health Savings Pass. It is $10.00 a year to belong. They have more of my medications on the list than Walgreens, but each situation is different. The link to this is below. I am not certain, as I did bring in my initial prescriptions if CVS requires them to be presented at the retail store. I know they call for refills and have reminders.

     Walgreens program is called the WCARD, it is $20.00 per year and three month's worth there is $12.99, remember their lists are different, and you must look and compare. The link is below. Walgreens does require that your first prescription be brought into a store .After you’re set up there is no longer a need as it is shipped, and they will call your physician for refills.  

     There, you say, but what about the brand name or tier 2, 3 or more drugs. Well, for those I have found that Canadian pharmacies are very good, although necessarily slower than using US ones, you must plan in advance. It can take up to two weeks to receive your medications. Each one I listed has a form to print out and fax along with your prescription. Some will call your physician. These listed do not charge extra shipping but do warn that your bank may charge an international commerce charge. My bank does not but it would pay to ask. They say you can send in a check, but I do not advise that. Check with your bank. Also my bank advised me to open a separate checking with a visa/MasterCard debit card to make internet purchases. This works out well, as $100.00 is all you must have in it; therefore your risk is diminished. I have never had a problem. I simply transfer in the money needed for my order. I think faxing in your debit card information is safe, especially with the added safety of not giving out your primary account, and only keeping enough in it to pay for your just ordered prescriptions.

     Using Canadian pharmacies is rather new to me, there are more, but most others I looked at either charge more shipping, plus processing, some don't let you refill, etc. I cannot possibly have checked them all so am still researching. I did find most of my expensive drugs at Canadian pharmacies for about 50-70% of what Medicare part D would cost me. Canadian drugs are tax deductible if they are approved and sold both in Canada and the USA, and you have a legal prescription, according to what I was told by the IRS.

Carol's Money Saving Sites And Phone Numbers 

1. Walgreens mail order phone number is 1-800-345-1985

2. CVS Health Savings Pass link

3. Walgreens WCARD

4. Canadian Pharmacies
Please note: If you order from a Canadian Pharmacy please delivery times are often takes 6-8 weeks and make sure the pharmacy is regulated.
A. Pharmacy RX
B. Canada Drugs

This contribution is from Carol DeLacey