Ten Things You Must Know About Social Security Disability But Would Never Think to Ask! 
Interview with Guest Speaker Barbara Mountain,
16-Year Advocate for Social Security Disability!

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Regardless whether you're approved for Social Security Disability, or have not applied, or are somewhere in between, this is one interview you don't want to miss.  

During this interview you will learn: 

 What is Social Security Disability?
How you can get Medicare right away?

What are the advantages to receiving SSDI besides the check?
How long does it take (on average) to get a SSDI award and when do people get awarded?
What is the current state of the Social Security System?
Can you work while going through the application process? If so, how much can you safely make?
Can you work after you have been approved?
Tips to help you survive the wait until you are approved?
What does the future hold for Social Security?
How interviewing with a representative maximizes your chances of winning.
The winners
of the web site start up package.
How Disabled build a thriving internet business.