Learn All About One Of The Best Keep Secrets For Disability  Assistance

 Where to Get Local Help For Just About Any Disability-Related Problem.. Treatment Options, Financial Assistance, Legal Aid, Housing, Transportation, Advocacy, Support Groups, And More.
Just added: A Step by Step Video so you can find help right in Your Own Backyard.  

Centers for Independent Living (CILs) are private, nonprofit corporations that are in large part run by people with disabilities for people with disabilities. 

CILs provide services to help you maximize your independence and help with accessibility to your community. In my opinion, they are one of the best resources to help you maximize your disabled life. 

Centers are funded in part by the Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration, Independent Living Branch, to provide, among other things, several core services that for the most part are FREE:
These are some of the core services you will find at your local CIL:

  Advocacy for disability-related issue, including housing. Note : CILs do not offer housing, they only serve as an advocate referring to the best housing solution in the area. 

  Independent living skills and training

  Information and referrals to valuable services in your area 

  Peer support (support groups, match up with others with disabilities, and transportation assistance)

  Helping you transition to and from an institution or rehab facility back into society,

And sometimes more ... Depending on your local CIL, you may also find legal aid services, access to treatment options, and grant writing assistance.  

Depending upon the CIL's skill sets and resources, there is likely to be other services beyond this.

CILs exist in every nook and cranny of the USA ... as a matter of fact, I live in a small town of just 3,700 people, and there is a center not far from me, so it is likely there is one in your backyard.

Keep in mind when working with CILs that they are like most government agencies that are understaffed and overworked; so my word of advice is to be polite and persistent ...the squeaky wheel usually gets the grease ...

Watch this video to learn how to contact a CIL in your neighborhood or anywhere Click here

To contact your local CIL: Click here

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Brian Therrien
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