Solid info about your disabled housing options 

"How Disabled Find Affordable Housing"

Follow These Step by Step Directions From Disabled Housing
Expert Arron Lema To Find The Housing You Deserve!


Listen to the interview and learn
How to find disabled housing in safe neighborhoods with bad credit and less that a buck in your pocket! 
How to make your home an affordable sanctuary that adapts to you instead of you adapting to it!
How to save thousands on a new customized accessible house.
Four little know strategies to help you afford your home.
Your disabled housing options 

Recourses mentioned in this interview.
A. Disability Digest Housing Course 

B. Simplified Disabled Housing

C. Disability Digest Housing Group
The group is a place where you can connect with others a that looking for housing share stories, ideas, get a helping Its free and easy to join go to the community then groups and select the housing group

D. Your Local housing authority or housing redevelopment agency 
Search the internet for your city, county and state housing authority or housing redevelopment agency



E. Ask your banker about program for people with disabilities.

G. What to say and do to get the housing. 

Last when asking for help be polite, persistent, prepared and patient.  Focus the reason for your request around quality of life,  health and safety issue.    

If you own your home and have equity in it than a    disabled housing expert could:

reduce your payment. 
find new accessible homes for you.
reveal all possible options your have. 

To meet with a disabled housing expert complete the questioner below and we will do our best to help you find the home you deserve

Phone :

Have you contacted your Local housing 
authority or housing redevelopment agency?

What is the estimated value of your home?

What is the balance of your mortgage?

Please tell me, in your own words, exactly what
your housing situation is and what your housing
goal is information would be most helpful to you.

     My goal is to help you restore your peace of mind about where you live and the house you live in... and isn't that something we all deserve?

Happy House Hunting!

Brian Therrien
p.s. - To Learn More about How To Find Affordable Housing In Safe Neighborhoods Click Here