A real life success story about winning and coping with disability

"Learn How Michelle Toole Won Disability In Just 6 Months, and Copes With Chronic Illness!"

3 part interview with Michelle Tool is below!

Important notice: The Disability Digest is not affiliated or part of the Social Security administration. We are advocates for disabled that have found this resource that can help  you accurately complete Social Security Disability application forms so you can  get approved. 

The official Social Security Disability forms profiled in this guide are available for free online in the resources section at the bottom of this page.

Part 1

Michelle's journey from a vibrant 34 yr old marathon runner to disabled,

Part 2


How Michelle won her disability benefits in just 6 months!
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Part 3

How Michelle's built a thriving web site that supplements her income and 5 tips to help you cope with a chronic illness.

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Social Security Disability application forms profiled in the interview

Form SSA-3368 - Disability Report - Adult



Form SSA-3369-BK - Work History Report


Form SSA-3373 - Function Report - Adult


Form SSA-795 - Statement of Claimant or Other Person


Form SSA-7004 - Request for Social Security Statement


Form SSA-561-U2 - Request for Reconsideration


Form SSA-501-U5 - Request for Hearing by Administrative Law Judge


Form SSA-820 and 821 - Work Activity Reports


Form HA-4631 - Claimant's Recent Medical Treatment


Form HA-4632 - Medications List


Form HA-4633 - Work Background


Form SSA-827 - Authorization for Release of Information to Social Security Administration


Functional Capacity form - physical condition Cover letter to doctor