The Disability Digest Webinar Replay 

Watch To Learn How To Use Your Membership To:
Get Approved For Disability, Maximize Your Benefits, Find Reliable Income Opportunities, and Locate Affordable Housing...

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Resources covered on this call: 

1. Members area  
In the members area you'll learn absolutely everything (you) must know
about disability all in one place, including:

1. Getting Approved For Disability
2. Maximize Your Benefits and How Much You Can Make
3. Jobs And Income
4. Housing - How To Find Affordable Housing
5. Disabled Grants
6. Treatment Options
7. Connect With And Learn From Others
8. Financial Assistance, Legal Aid, Advocacy And Support Groups
9. All About Veterans Benefits

2.  All new Veterans Disability Digest

3. How the disabled can have their student loans forgiven

Top Suggestions from members

1. Cover every aspect of disabled life in addition to getting benefits and housing.

2. More information on how having a home business may effect your benefits

3. Utilize advocates of disabled individuals who have fought with the system to offer the benefit of their experiences

4. Put a monthly topic in our dicscussion forum reach out to more veterans who are unaware of their benefits

5. More information about state aid to help with living expenses and care

6. Minimal part-time work. What does that mean? You can make under $1040 a month without losing insurance.

7. Make communication to you easier with a phone number to call in that works

8. Provide resources that can help disabled people to find affordable apartments. Also, legitmate resources for work-at-home jobs.

9. Organize the site in a less confusing manner.

10. More articles on info for possible grants and/or state and/or federal help financially for those of us so very strapped of income

11. Post a web page that lists need items with how to info. IE (housing, healthcare) etc. in ABC/123 fashion.

12. Less e-mails, more video information. Make a local list of real advocates for Social Security Benefits.

13. Provida more information on small business start-ups

14. Use paltalk to host video

15. Need help deferring federal education loans